Monthly Archives: February 2011

Bookshelves And Mixtapes by clcapps

Bookshelves And Mixtapes is romantic synthpop.

Good Bye, Stanley by Savvas

Good Bye, Stanley is breakbeat – more aggressive than the norm here.

Hydrogen Eyeliner by chasing

Hydrogen Eyeliner is a mellow instrumental electronica song.

Banksia marginata by Jimbob

Banksia marginata is sort of chill & sort of ominous.

808 Guilty Spark by csimpkins

808 Guilty Spark is a trance track with a nice build up.

Dr. Who Goes To (Final Fantasy) Town by cortex

Dr. Who Goes To (Final Fantasy) Town is a combination of the themes of Dr. Who & Final Fantasy, as played by Pink Floyd.

Ana Ng (acoustic) by AgentRocket

Ana Ng is an acoustic cover of a song by They Might Be Giants.

This is not an apology for my geekiness; this is a warning.

random funky by loquacious

random funky has hypnotic drums.

a moment by csimpkins

a moment is a soothing, instrumental piece.

Bush and Koizumi Visit Graceland by cortex

Bush and Koizumi Visit Graceland mixed news & a love song.

L’estate esiste by calvin64

L’estate esiste is a catchy, light, poppy summer song. It’s in Italian.


I’ve just finished adding a brief description for everything from the original playlist onto this blog. Time for a Project!

Edit: This is now up on Mefi Projects!

Circadia by inoculatedcities

Circadia is “symphonic-electronica.”

Monsoon by Jimbob

Monsoon is some lovely, chill electronica.

Luna Iridia by Jimbob

Luna Iridia is mellow electronica.

Scooby Doo by cortex

Scooby Doo is a goofy beatboxing song, built around the phrases “Scooby Doo” & “Eric’s, Eric’s, Eric’s mom.”

Ocean by wheat

Ocean is a mellow song.

Worse Than Pop – We Can Clone Knight Rider Fans, We Have the Techno by Eideteker

Worse Than Pop – We Can Clone Knight Rider Fans, We Have the Techno is a cover of the Knight Rider theme song, using beatboxing instead of instruments.

Edit, 2012-03-14 – The inline player isn’t working for this song, but the download seems fine. I don’t know what’s up here.

Pachelbel’s Canon by alex_reno

It’s Pachelbel’s Canon as a rock song. You may not know the name, but you probably know the song.

Bone Music by Jairus

Bone Music builds a terrific momentum as it rolls along.

Mamonaku by sconbie

Mamonaku is a chill song.