Monthly Archives: April 2011

Quantum Mechanics by kindall

Quantum Mechanics is instrumental electronica that builds up a nice momentum.

Breaking The Mecanique by drezdn

Breaking The Mecanique is a hypnotic, dancy remix of a music box.

Long Night and Nothing to Do by Electric Winter

Long Night and Nothing to Do is a sedate, atmospheric song.

Flagging by jchgf

Flagging is a really quiet, spacy, and ambient song.

Glow by Electric Winter

Glow is another lovely song from Electric Winter. It’s instrumental, with synths, guitars, a drum machine, and a xylophone.

Get Out of My Songs by goodnewsfortheinsane

Get Out of My Songs is a ragged & angry song, and it’s excellent.

Aware by Electric Winter

Aware is a mellow electronica song from Electric Winter.

Edit: As a historical curiousity, I joined Metafilter the day this song was posted there.

Unknown by Electric Winter

Unknown (but not untitled) is an instrumental, uplifting, mellow, & happy electronica song. More music from Electric Winter is coming up shortly – on the podcast, if not on Music.

Invocation by sparkletone

Invocation is a garage rock song, a demo missing lyrics – fun!

88 Lines About 44 Mefites by cortex

88 Lines About 44 Mefites is a fun song about the personalities & events of Metafilter, & it’s entertainingly densely annotated.

Au Courant by ageispolis

Au Courant is an synth-filled, electronica song that’s mostly in English, not French, despite the title.

And that concludes the week of ageispolis.

The Reddish Egret by ageispolis

The Reddish Egret is an upbeat, synth-filled, electronica song inspired by a bird.

Mousehold by Captain Najork

Mousehold is noodly, quiet, & jazzy electronica.

This is an intermission for ageispolis week.

Plckrfckr by ageispolis

Plckrfckr starts off with robot swearing, then kicks more ass.

(Continuing the week of ageispolis.)

Radio Panda by ageispolis

Radio Panda is a nice, quick-moving, techno track. It marks the third song in a week that I’ve posted from ageispolis, due to 1. the strictly chronological order that I’m posting in, and 2. ageispolis is awesome.

In fact, a week of ageispolis sounds like fun.

Acidspit13 by ageispolis

Acidspit13 is an excellent dancable electronica track, with multiple layers of rhythm.

The Zombies Are Inside Out!! by Milkman Dan

I love this song! The Zombies Are Inside Out!! takes Feist’s “Inside Out” & Sufjan Stevens’ “They Are Night Zombies!!” and mashes them together wonderfully. Now, when I listen to the original songs, the absent other part is missed, which is how I judge good mashups.

Concerta Helps You Concentrate by ageispolis

Concerta Helps You Concentrate is a really quick-moving piece of electronica. Speedy, even.

awescillate by C.Batt

awescillate is an aggressive electro track. It’s sorta obnoxious & repetitious, but, well, I like it.

The Greatest Days by dhammond

The Greatest Days is optimistic, lofi garage rock.

Nova (Type III Mix) by chimaera

Nova (Type III Mix) is an upbeat, sorta glitchy electronica track.