Monthly Archives: December 2011

Bird Stealing Bread by Corduroy

Bird Stealing Bread is an Iron and Wine cover, mellow and remembering past sunny days.

See you in 2012!

Yellow Test 1 by cmicali

Yellow Test 1 is some groovy house techno. My only problem with it is that it’s too short – only 3:19, with an abrupt ending!

Black Horse and the Tambourine by flatluigi

Black Horse and the Tambourine is flatluigi’s mashup of Beck’s “Black Tambourine” and KT Tunstall’s “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.” I like its groove.

Or The Tide by tdismukes

Or The Tide is a somewhat folkish number from tdismukes’ band, Low-Tech Riff Raff.

It’s catchy, moderately paced, and I like the melodies and all the instruments.

Till I Can’t Run No More by sourwookie

Till I Can’t Run No More sounds like, as sourwookie noted, “Tom Waits singing for the E Street Band” – a heartland rock band, fronted by a singer with a gravelly & raspy voice.

Sleeper by doctor_negative

In response to the hectic holiday season, I offer Sleeper, an ambient piece. Happy holidays, everybody!

All the Same by erikgrande

All the Same is lofi alt-rock, with fuzzy guitars and earnest singing.

The Coat Hanger Song by rosco731

The Coat Hanger Song is an eclectic sort of song, shifting gears often – from a woodwind and a drumbeat, adding intricate guitarwork, to a hefty dirty guitar and a singing pirate to a cappella harmonizing. I love the many styles thrown together like this.

Oh, Johanna by Slash_fan

Oh, Johanna is a mellow country/blues/folk song from Slash_fan.

badge of hope by kimyo

badge of hope is more lovely and bassy trip-hop from kimyo & his band, frequent guests Hot Bitch Arsenal.

Edit, 2012-12-06 – Whoops, I forgot the mp3. Fixed!

A pause to breathe

My apologies! I hope to return before too long.

Episode v1.0 by deusdiabolus

Episode v1.0 is a jazzy, head-bobbing mellow synth song.

dotgod by edverb

The oontz oontz oontz is strong in dotgod. It’s a techno track, with a toy piano involved. My apologies for not posting this on the regular schedule, and further apologies in advance for interruptions during the holiday season.

Fathom2 by doctor_negative

Fathom2 is a somewhat cold ambient song.

More Songs About Oven Mitts by notheydo

More Songs About Oven Mitts is a laid-back lofi song about a robot made for killing, sadly turned into a chef.

on and on and on by edlundart

on and on and on is a political, minimal, melancholy, and ethereal song.

Bananas by Black_Umbrella

Bananas is an epic instrumental jam.

This is the second song that Black_Umbrella posted to Mefi; the first was Mothers, also posted here.

Secret Agent Man by uncleozzy

Secret Agent Man is a sorta surf punk cover of the Johnny Rivers classic.

404 by edlundart

404 is a sedate and experimental song, with an organ, a xylophone, and soft noise.