Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Gilded Cage by saulgoodman

It’s been a few months since we’ve seen saulgoodman & his band Tangemeenie here; they’re eclectic in style. The Gilded Cage is atmospheric, with lush guitars. It’s poppy, but melancholy.

Ordnance v1.0 by deusdiabolus

Ordnance v1.0 is a techno track, with a slow build and layers of squelching and fluttering synths.

It’s the soundtrack to Very Important Stuff Happening.

Certain Death by frenetic

Certain Death is an acoustic pop rock song.

Aw Yeah (demo) by god particle

Aw Yeah (demo) is an electropop dance song, with crunchy synths. Very bouncy and aggressive!

novocaine by bitterkitten

novocaine is a heavier-but-still danceable synth cover of the Green Day song, Give Me Novacaine (the spelling is intentionally different). I’ve had a soft spot for this song since the Dean Gray mashup, Novocaine Rhapsody.

They Glow by god particle

They Glow is a roaring if harshly electronic techno song.

Sparks by Sir Mildred Pierce

Sparks is another brilliant piece by Sir Mildred Pierce; it’s laid-back and mellow, a bit loopy. This samples an artist that Sir Mildred Pierce discovered from a a movie – so, it’s fitting that the video for the song samples that movie.

Elves in Iceland by ORthey

Elves in Iceland is a mellow, cool, and layered instrumental piece, with a banjo, an acoustic guitar, and the return of the fistdrum.

Out of Gas by Sir Mildred Pierce

Out of Gas is a really lovely song, soulful and trip-hop. I really love this!

Thunder by god particle

Thunder is an awesome loud & glitchy techno track. It’s a bit harsh and industrial, but it’s got a good beat.

Young Devin Funck by cortex

Young Devin Funck was a twelve-year-old boy who tangled with a ten-foot-long alligator, and lived to tell the tale. Astro Zombie wrote poetry, and cortex did his best Johnny Cash.

Dub Dub by god particle

Dub Dub is an awesome techno song, quick-moving with glitch, squeaky synths, and farty bass.

Blast Off Forever by jake

Blast Off Forever is a sweeping and epic theme for a sadly non-existent video game, a synth-based song that would be great for an action montage.

Welcome Coma by naju

Welcome Coma is intrumental electronica, initially synth-based chiptune-like, shifting into ambient and noise. Recorded live!

Straphanger (H201E) by loquacious

Straphanger (H201E) is a techno track, featuring samples from San Francisco mass transit. Muni sounds good!

Protein Shoes by Beardman

Protein Shoes completes a week of Beardman’s weird and catchy answering-machine music, completing the whole set.

I Am Truly Fully Licensed Hairstylist by Beardman

I Am Truly Fully Licensed Hairstylist is, like Monday’s I’ve Been Delayed, weird and catchy music, sampling an answering machine. This is his week here! Here, the sample’s exuberant, and it makes the song uplifting and cheerful.

“Have an awesome day–buh-bye!”

Cephalopod by lothar

Cephalopod is an educational jazz tune with scientific lyrics about squid.

As a heads-up, the thread about the song has some brilliant and/or painful puns about fishes and music.

FAIRWAY by NemesisVex

FAIRWAY is NemesisVex’s cover of a song from the Japanese pop band, SUPERCAR, all jangly guitars. The (translated) lyrics are enjoyably cryptic and contemplative.

I’ve Been Delayed by Beardman

I’ve Been Delayed is a weird and catchy song, experimental and also pop. The “singing” is samples from an answering machine, set to pop music.

A portion of this was looped as background music in a certain chatroom of Club Penguin, sort of a Disney MMORPG / social network for kids. So. This song is common in Club Penguin tribute videos.

The use of found audio for vocals makes this musique concrète! The melody emerging from the spoken word is, well, some keywords for searching are “the musicality of speech,” “prosody,” and “speech-melodies.” Radiolab covered this in 2007.

Confession by sputgop

Confession is a chill trip-hop beat, just the instrumental background.