Monthly Archives: September 2012

Way up high by ORthey

Way up high continues the banjo motif from yesterday – listening to them side-by-side is what made me realize my weakness for the banjo.

(I promise some synthpop is on the way!)

For Heidi by mediocre

You know, I don’t think I always had a weakness for banjos. I mean, I thought I disliked bluegrass. But For Heidi is just some noodling around on the banjo, and, well, I’m all right with that.

Dammit: Reprise by tmcw

Dammit: Reprise is tmcw’s second try at covering Blink 182’s song; his first take was also featured here. It’s a warm, friendly, and acoustic take.

You’re Not The Only One by clcapps

You’re Not The Only One is an upbeat synthpop song, bubbling over with energy & momentum. So fun.

Kait by onehalfjunco

Kait is a cover of the Ben Folds Five song “Kate.” I wouldn’t call it “sloppy” – I’d say it’s joyous and raucous and fun, and it’s particularly awesome because it was all played by one guy.

We’re Animals. by azarbayejani

We’re Animals. is a nearly-ambient, instrumental piece; it’s partially glitchy and then just pretty and mellow.

Franklin’s Tower by terrapin

Franklin’s Tower is a lovely, drunk jam band at a wedding, with an appreciative audience. I love the atmosphere! It’s a more laid-back cover of a Grateful Dead song, by the way.

Zillion by The Great Big Mulp

Zillion is a cover of a song from a Sega game, with new lyrics. I love all the instruments – a kazoo, a toy piano, a trumpet, and a reed organ – and the unexpected melancholic mood of it all.

Revolutionary Women’s Mechanized Suicide Brigade by doubtfulpalace

Revolutionary Women’s Mechanized Suicide Brigade is a multi-layered, electronica track; with a mellow bassline and upbeat glitchiness.

Ibot Ubot Robot Nobot by nthdegx

Ibot Ubot Robot Nobot is breakbeat and noodly electronica.

Crazy by Galvatron

Crazy is a cover of the Gnarls Barkley song, using just an acoustic guitar for accompaniment.

For Great Justice by god particle

For Great Justice is abrasive techno, aggressive and glitchy. It’s harsh but also melodic. I like how all the instruments sound, but I’m partial to dirty fuzzy synths.

Beaches by johanze

Beaches is a warm and summery synthpop song.

tetris (intel+dubstepmix) by ageispolis

tetris (intel+dubstepmix) is a remix of the Tetris theme, including a sample from Intel ads. It had me at “Tetris.”

First Snows of Summer by cathodeheart

First Snows of Summer is a lovely and lush electronica. I love the textures of the drums, piano, synths, and cymbals. It’s spacy, meandering, and soothing.

Bozboz by nthdegx

Bozboz is just this happily noodling-along busily layered jungle / breakbeat song.

Linus and Lucifer by doubtfulpalace

Linus and Lucifer is a cover of Vince Guaraldi’s “Linus and Lucy,” from the Peanuts special, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” It’s electronica – more dark and intense and harsh, compared to the sweetness and light of the original. It’s still entertaining and fun, and you can still do Peanuts dances to it!

I’ve noodled with the website a bit – there’s now an HTML5 player for the individual songs, which works on mobile devices. Also, I put the Yahoo Webplayer on – look to the bottom left – so you can play all the songs on a page! So, you can hear, say, all the “instrumental” music, one page at a time. It requires Flash, for now.

Home by azarbayejani

Home is a spacy and chill tune.

Christmas Rhapsody by doubtfulpalace

Christmas Rhapsody is an ambitious, hilarious, and pretty amazing holiday-related parody of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Flesh & Bone by saulgoodman

Flesh & Bone is jangly electropop – atmospheric, and very 80’s, in a fun and dancy way.