Monthly Archives: November 2012

Goodbye, dear heart by bicyclefish

Goodbye, dear heart is a sad song about heartbreak. It’s sorta indie pop, with an accordion and (I think) a toy xylophone.

I’m Not So Sure It’s Not a Broken Heart by Karlos the Jackal

I’m Not So Sure It’s Not a Broken Heart is a happy bouncy pop song about heartbreak. It’s pretty catchy, and it has a marimba and autoharp, if you like offbeat instruments. (I very much do.)

History by saraswati

History has a piano-backed woman plaintively singing about her romantic history repeating itself. I guess it’s piano pop.

It’s saraswati’s first posted track to Mefi Music and to here!

Turbo Nugget by jake

Turbo Nugget is a happy poppy bouncy chiptune, sort of about a hyper dog running around.

Kane Deuce by grubi

Kane Deuce is a great blaxploitation song, all fuzzy guitars and wah-wahs and NSFW snippets of trash-talking.

Beginnings by Admira

Beginnings is the third song by Admira this week. It’s, you know, laid-back classical guitar. And stuff.

Coming Back by azarbayejani

Coming Back is a happy and slow electronica song, with noodly synths over sleepy and dreamy synths.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the States!

Enigma by Admira

Enigma is another lovely and laidback classical guitar piece from Admira.

1237AM by azarbayejani

1237AM is a trippy overdubbed song, electronica with an interestingly skewed rhythm and a fuzzy and filtered guitar. It’s evocative of the soundtrack of psychedelic desert trips in movies.

El Magia by Admira

El Magia is a relaxing and laidback classical guitar piece. It’s Admira’s first appearance on the podcast.

68 percent by millipede

68 percent is a lofi indie pop song, with lyrics about ending a relationship over poppy music.

My Heart Will Give You Up by The White Hat

So I have some good news and some bad news. And then a bit more good news. Like a sandwich. Anyway.

The good news is, Celine Dion isn’t well-represented in My Heart Will Give You Up. Just in the intro.

The bad news is, Rick Astley is around.

There’s more good news. It’s well done, with The White Hat’s vocals and skills at banjo, guitar, and harmonica making what could be just a goofy song, sort of good and epic (although yes, still deeply silly). And, I don’t think there’s any more rickrolling on the horizon here, though I won’t make promises.

Saint V. Massacree by The White Hat

Saint V. Massacree is just a charming banjo tune – possibly a cover of Guitar Rag, including an accompanying guitar.

Randomly Riding the Bearded Python by Cat Pie Hurts

Randomly Riding the Bearded Python is this sorta rock electro techno thing, with noodly synths and guitars played with ponderous speed.

O Superman by cortex

O Superman is a non-electronic and mostly acoustic cover of the experimental Laurie Anderson song. This is fairly unusual and experimental in its own right.

the siren of titan by kimyo

the siren of titan is an instrumental electronica piece, with atmospheric electric guitars sailing around. It’s spacy and upbeat.

I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock’n’Roll by Karlos the Jackal

I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock’n’Roll is like a Magnetic Fields outtake; deliberate pace, bass singing, and unusual instruments – Marxophone and autoharp.

The original versions are by Nick Lowe and also by Dave Edmunds, and they’re rockabilly or roots rock.

Kim by god particle

Kim is a pretty epic and awesome big techno song.

I wonder if my ringtone is sampled here. Every time I listen to this song, I swear my phone is ringing. My apologies if this happens to you too.

Also, to mefites named Kim: *waves*

V-Unit by lord_yo

V-Unit is a somewhat dark instrumental electronica track. I like its groove, and its layers. It reminds me of Trinity by sluglicker – both suggest movement through space to me.

Take a Chance on Me by equality7-2521

Take a Chance on Me is a melancholy indie pop take on the ABBA classic.

Gunslinger by chiefbluefeather

Gunslinger is a simple yet, well, powerful alt-country song.

Edit (2013-01-05) – Whoops, I attached the wrong mp3. Fixed!

Beestung by The World Famous

Beestung is a really lovely indie rock song, with fun falsettos.