Monthly Archives: February 2013

Skallelujah by Jon_Evil

Skallelujah is a ska cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

There was a Mefi Music Challenge to cover this song, inspired by Hallelukulelejah (previously on the podcast). I’ll try to not go overboard with it, but I can’t make any promises.

Makin’ Steps by InfidelZombie

Makin’ Steps is a angry, speedy, short, and NSFW punk rock song.

Orillia by CarrotAdventure

Orillia is a happy spacy synthpoppy sort of song.

Together – Jazzed by Admira

Together – Jazzed is a snappier, more lively version of his own song, Together. It’s an upbeat classical guitar song.

Pandora’s Music Box by Metafilter Orchestra / Karlos the Jackal

Pandora’s Music Box is mellow and atmospheric background music. It’s the result of a collaborative game of Exquisite Corpse amongst Mefi musicians. Each of twenty musicians would listen only to their immediate predecessor’s work, record a new part that meshes with the previous work, and then pass only their own part along to the next musician. It’s eclectic, with a music box, multiple guitars, jaw harp, and various other instruments.

Architect by tmcw

Architect is some fun garage rock.

The Fauna and The Flora Are Too Closely Allied by sconbie

The Fauna and The Flora Are Too Closely Allied is a somewhat laidback indie pop song about wasting time and making it out of your hometown before it’s too late.

Chester by tmcw

Chester starts with looping, melodic progressions of an acoustic guitar, and it builds up into a rock song.

River Rise by Grangousier

River Rise is a blues / folk song, a sad song about water.

You Still Look Like You Did Before by chococat

You Still Look Like You Did Before is a bluegrass song, with upbeat music, melancholy lyrics, harmonizing backup vocals, and banjo by ORthey.

I’m surprised that it’s not the only song with the tags bluegrass or washboard, considering what I thought I knew about my music tastes when I started this podcast.

Distance of the Moon (Albedo Mix) by speicus

Distance of the Moon (Albedo Mix) is a head-bobbing synthpop song, with a great groove.

Cambie & Hastings by CarrotAdventure

Cambie & Hastings is a happy noodly electronica song.

Sensitive Artist by askmeaboutLOOM

Sensitive Artist is spoken word, with some nice accompaniment – flutes, harmonizing backup singers, a keytar, and screaming. It’s a cover, originally by King Missile.

Mr Slug goes back to hell 2009 by fuq

Mr Slug goes back to hell 2009 has atmosphere like it’s nonobtrusively looping in the background of a quiet jazz lounge.

Chase Scene by flapjax at midnite

Chase Scene has some utterly ridiculous and hilarious beatboxing and vocals for engine noises.

hypotech by dobie

hypotech is a loping rock song, in the old school “roots” mode.

Summer Jam by raisindebt

Summer Jam is a chill, minimal indie song about summer jams.

When You’re Out of My Mind by Saellys

When You’re Out of My Mind is an acoustic lovesong, with some lovely harmonizing.

Settlers by jdnason

Settlers is a synthpop song that’s just dense and noodly with synths.

Breathing On Another Planet by Saellys

Breathing On Another Planet is a lovely and mellow rock song about a breakup that made someone flee the planet.