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Shallow Pool by Jonesisdying

Shallow Pool is a light ambient track, with a sequencer, acoustic guitar, and a singing bowl – which sounds lovely and eerie.

Follow Alexandria by multivalent

Follow Alexandria is a cool and acoustic “indie folk” song, with guitar and ukelele. This band hails from Glasgow.

Trampoline by chillmost

Trampoline is an acoustic ballad. I love the sound of the guitar here – it sounds like a steel guitar, with the reverb that makes me think of the desert.

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by unSane

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face is a more uptempo cover of the song popularized by Roberta Flack, recently covered here by NemesisVex. The uptempo is more like the real first version – like The Kingston Trio, or Mary Travers, of Peter, Paul and Mary. Although this is more uptempo, it’s still folk, with an acoustic guitar.

Heart of Glass by cortex

Heart of Glass is an awesomely eclectic cover of the 1970’s disco Blondie tune: it features “acoustic guitar, ukulele, mandolin, piano, jazz organ, vibes, panflute, synth vox, drumset, a couple of bean shakers, tone blocks, clapping-and-stomping-in-the-bathroom, kazoo, and at least three vox takes.” It manages to perch just on the edge of falling apart, which is a really fun and interesting place for music. It sounds like a party, though it’s all by one guy.

tickle by sleepy pete

tickle is a loopy, and instrumental electronica song, with synths and acoustic guitar. It’s got a nice build to it.

Seventeen Below by unSane

Seventeen Below is a pretty, wintry acoustic indie ballad.

This is unSane’s first appearance, and definitely not the last!

Fall In Silence by ORthey

Fall In Silence is a lovely laid-back folkish tune – acoustic, guitar and alto saxophone, and earnest singing.

At the Drive-In by frecklefaerie

At the Drive-In is a pretty, earnest, gender-bending, and acoustic take on Poison’s “Talk Dirty to Me.”

With the remixes and covers, I’ve gone back and added tags for the decades: 1930s (2 songs), 1940s (1), 1950s (2), 1960s (20), 1970s (13), 1980s (27), 1990s (17), and 2000s (23). There’s nothing under the 2010s yet, as we’re only five months into 2010 in the podcast.

You Got It by cortex

You Got It is a raucous bluegrass Roy Orbison cover.

Six is where you take the three and make it two times by ORthey

Six is where you take the three and make it two times is a charming and goofy take on the multiplication table, as part of a Music Challenge. The lyrics are silly! The singing is a bit sad.

Captain Kidd by blue bar

Captain Kidd is a traditional folk song, based on a pirate or privateer, depending on the interpretation of the evidence. It’s a lovely song, with a fingerpicked acoustic guitar, alongside lyrics befitting a ballad for an executed man.

It’s blue bar’s first appearance here!

The Undiscovered Country Song by saulgoodman

The Undiscovered Country Song is an acoustic laid-back alt-country song, about closeness and separation.

I have a soft spot for the piano, and I also love the cello here, and the layered chaos that wraps it up.

Home (a sketch) by punkbitch

Home (a sketch) is a folk rock song. Lots of acoustic guitar strumming, and reaching for high notes.

This is punkbitch’s first appearance here!

YOU ARE EVERYTHING by The Audio Invasion

YOU ARE EVERYTHING is a mellow and pretty rock song with piano, a wash of synths, and guitars.

The Bottom Falls Out of the Clouds (demoriffic version) by rangefinder 1.4

The Bottom Falls Out of the Clouds (demoriffic version) is an acoustic and folk cover of a song from cortex. It’s sort of pretty, and slow, not downbeat exactly, but enjoying a rainy day.

Feel Free! Plastic Surgery! (demo) by frenetic

Feel Free! Plastic Surgery! (demo) is an upbeat and happy song, with slightly less optimistic lyrics – cutting, even – about plastic surgery. I like this as it is, with weird instruments in the background, like the beatboxing, other mouth noises, and the swelling horns.

The final version – on Guess Who’s a Mess and on Soundcloud – loses some of the goofy instrumentation, and some of the charm, though your mileage may vary.

Meanest Words by chococat

Meanest Words is a pretty song with some sick burns! It’s a sad acoustic song about a couple fighting, with a melodica. Er. The song is accompanied by a melodica. They’re not fighting with the melodica. Obviously. (cough)

the vase (demo) by edlundart

the vase is a stripped-down acoustic demo of a song, just an acoustic guitar and a guy sometimes singing in falsetto.

Happy [Tenth] Birthday, Metafilter by cortex

Happy [Tenth] Birthday, Metafilter is a bluesy piano pop lovesong to Mefi. There’s an acoustic guitar and cortex harmonizing with himself.

Redwood City Blues by Danf

Redwood City Blues is a chill song, with just an acoustic guitar.

Chester by tmcw

Chester starts with looping, melodic progressions of an acoustic guitar, and it builds up into a rock song.

Joy In The Morning (Cast Your Stone) by dagosto

Joy In The Morning (Cast Your Stone) is some folk rock that veers toward soul and more of a vocal range than expected. This is dagosto’s first time on the podcast!

The Rose by Admira

The Rose is Admira’s classical guitar cover of a Bette Midler song.

Harpy Go Lurky by ORthey

Harpy Go Lurky is a light-hearted and quick-moving banjo and acoustic guitar song.

Shutterbug by ludwig_van

Shutterbug is a pop song about grabbing the all-too-ephemeral moment.

Beginnings by Admira

Beginnings is the third song by Admira this week. It’s, you know, laid-back classical guitar. And stuff.

Enigma by Admira

Enigma is another lovely and laidback classical guitar piece from Admira.

1237AM by azarbayejani

1237AM is a trippy overdubbed song, electronica with an interestingly skewed rhythm and a fuzzy and filtered guitar. It’s evocative of the soundtrack of psychedelic desert trips in movies.

El Magia by Admira

El Magia is a relaxing and laidback classical guitar piece. It’s Admira’s first appearance on the podcast.

Saint V. Massacree by The White Hat

Saint V. Massacree is just a charming banjo tune – possibly a cover of Guitar Rag, including an accompanying guitar.

O Superman by cortex

O Superman is a non-electronic and mostly acoustic cover of the experimental Laurie Anderson song. This is fairly unusual and experimental in its own right.

Take a Chance on Me by equality7-2521

Take a Chance on Me is a melancholy indie pop take on the ABBA classic.

All I Want Is You by Corduroy

All I Want Is You is a cover of the Barry Louis Polisar song, which popped up in the movie Juno. This is a pretty straightforward cover – it’s folksy, with a banjolele and acoustic guitar. It’s a cute song!

Dammit: Reprise by tmcw

Dammit: Reprise is tmcw’s second try at covering Blink 182’s song; his first take was also featured here. It’s a warm, friendly, and acoustic take.

Crazy by Galvatron

Crazy is a cover of the Gnarls Barkley song, using just an acoustic guitar for accompaniment.

Apfel Augen by Corduroy

Apfel Augen isn’t instrumental, but it is wordless, and I don’t understand how an acoustic guitar and a banjolele can sound this epic and majestic, it really makes no sense at all.

Seriously. A banjolele.

The Shape of Water by allaboutgeorge

The Shape of Water is a really minimal song – for the most part, singing and an acoustic guitar. It’s mellow and pretty.

Purepechazz by micayetoca

Purepechazz is a mellow jazz piece, revolving around an acoustic guitar, mostly wordless and then not in English.

Wish You Were Here by backseatpilot

Wish You Were Here is a stripped-down, entirely acoustic cover of the Pink Floyd song. I think it’s cool that this was the first recording backseatpilot ever made, after a year of guitar practice.