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Supersonic (Remix) by darainwa

Supersonic (Remix) is a house remix of the 1999 Jamiroquai song, with lots of disco and bursts of horns and bits of acid house.

This is the only song darainwa’s posted.

Smallbeat by lord_yo

Smallbeat is a friendly noodly mellow house tune. It’s lord_yo’s first posted song on Mefi Music and on here!

Zes Haus Hansbilt by tehloki

Zes Haus Hansbilt is a groovy house track from frequent guest tehloki.

Yellow Test 1 by cmicali

Yellow Test 1 is some groovy house techno. My only problem with it is that it’s too short – only 3:19, with an abrupt ending!

Da House by tehloki

Da House is a noodly little dance song.

Elfrita the Landlord by ageispolis

Elfrita the Landlord is an awesomely bouncy house song.

Bang Camaro – Push Push (DJ Die Young Bootleg Mix) by djamiem

DJ Die Young’s remix of Bang Camaro’s Push Push provides an energetic, electro start to the week.