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First Snows of Summer by cathodeheart

First Snows of Summer is a lovely and lush electronica. I love the textures of the drums, piano, synths, and cymbals. It’s spacy, meandering, and soothing.

Junior by azarbayejani

Junior is a noodly electronica piece, centered on a vocal sample which becomes this haunting wobbly instrument.

The Up-and-Out by doubtfulpalace

The Up-and-Out is a glitch / IDM track, which starts with minimalistic bleeps and bloops, but builds into a much more interesting and sweeping song. The instrument that appears later isn’t bagpipes – it’s something called a crumhorn, which I hadn’t heard of before.

And, this is song #400!

Saltines Assemble! by doubtfulpalace

Saltines Assemble! is a glitchy bit of intelligent dance music – it’s lovely and dancy electronica.

It’s doubtfulpalace’s second song on Mefi Music, & their first song here!

Profiling by nthdegx

Profiling is IDM – intelligent dance music – a bit droney and hypnotic / repetitive, but not too ambient for my tastes. It shifts slowly.

Edit, 7pm – The mp3 wasn’t attached. Let’s say this is Tuesday’s entry.