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Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye by not_on_display

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye is a fun and goofy cover of the Steam song, as heard at sporting events everywhere. There was a Music Challenge for the number one song when you were born, and so there more off-kilter covers are on the way!

Bathe Your Children by doubtfulpalace

Bathe Your Children is a goofy cover of the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song, “Teach Your Children,” as a parody with nonsensical lyrics.

Insomnia sure makes weird things happen. To insomnia!

Runnin’ With The Songsmith by mrzarquon

There’s a story behind Runnin’ With The Songsmith. Microsoft released Songsmith, software that would take vocals and make up backing music, with frequently unintentionally hilarious results. mrzarquon put it together with the lead vocals from Van Halen’s “Runnin’ with the Devil.” The result is amazingly shambolic and hilarious, though it bears little relation to what humans refer to as “music.” It received attention from outside the site, like from Gizmodo, Stereogum, and the New York Times.

The sliding whistle gets me every time.

Are You Gonna Go My Way by mexican

Are You Gonna Go My Way is just an utterly ridiculous cover of Lenny Kravitz’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way.” It’s not respectful or as close as possible to the original, but I find it highly entertaining.

Happy Fourth of July, everybody!

Take On Me (a cappella cover) by cortex

Take On Me (a cappella cover) is not faithful to the original, but it’s hilarious & really entertaining.

I’ll call those off-kilter covers.

Edelweiss by lothar

Edelweiss is a cheeky punk cover of a song from The Sound of Music.

King Of The Road by lothar

I love this song! King Of The Road is another punk, NSFW version of the frequently covered Roger Miller country song. This was posted by lothar as a reaction to hearing uncleozzy’s version, also featured here. In comparison, this one has more fun guitarwork and less pinched vocals.