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womankind by edlundart

womankind is a slow and sincere ballad to the awesomeness of women. It’s acoustic; melodica, piano, and the lap steel that I love.

Memo To My Son by ORthey

Memo To My Son is ORthey’s second cover from Randy Newman’s 1972 album “Sail Away,” in his pre-Pixar-soundtrack days. It’s hilarious and sincere, with pretty music. Here’s the original version.

14 Candles by Jon-A-Thon

14 Candles is a lovely, slow, and lush acoustic pop song, and I love the vocals and the piano.

mermaid by peterkins

mermaid is a lovely and sedate jazz song. Picture seeing a chanteuse in a lounge.

I Talk To Myself by Jon-A-Thon

I Talk To Myself is a bouncy pop song, a repurposed cell phone commercial soundtrack. So, lots of phone puns and references and audio filters. I like the “la la” bits.

Broken, soundtrack for the future. by blinks

Broken, soundtrack for the future. is an instrumental electronica track, all tinkly piano. It builds with loops – some soothing strings, and a slow groove bassline, and the piano, and it’s soothing and hypnotic.

The Undiscovered Country Song by saulgoodman

The Undiscovered Country Song is an acoustic laid-back alt-country song, about closeness and separation.

I have a soft spot for the piano, and I also love the cello here, and the layered chaos that wraps it up.

modified block format by ropeladder

modified block format is a head-nodding sort of electronica song; it’s instrumental, with an eerie synth, piano, and glitch as percussion. It has a nice build.

Affording Good Beheadings by cortex

Affording Good Beheadings is a poppy song in part about ritual suicide, backed by a ukelele and with backup singing also by cortex.

It’s Mefi Music song #4000!

YOU ARE EVERYTHING by The Audio Invasion

YOU ARE EVERYTHING is a mellow and pretty rock song with piano, a wash of synths, and guitars.

Headless Horseman by Corduroy

Headless Horseman is a wistful ballad, driven by banjolele and guitar. It’s a bit more rocking than the original version by The Microphones.

This is shaping up as a week of remixes and remakes!

Say When by Karlos the Jackal

Say When is a poppy tale of mismatched yet scrappy love, with upbeat music including the lovely autoharp.

Happy Memorial Day!

A Plankton Affair by gmm

A Plankton Affair is some awesome chill-out instrumental electronica – piano over a sometimes stuttery bassline.

Springtime, All At Once by pts

Springtime, All At Once is an instrumental piece, starting with a syncopated orchestral feel, and building to more of a rock song.

It’s the first time pts has appeared on the podcast!

Happy [Tenth] Birthday, Metafilter by cortex

Happy [Tenth] Birthday, Metafilter is a bluesy piano pop lovesong to Mefi. There’s an acoustic guitar and cortex harmonizing with himself.

Catastrophes by cortex

Catastrophes is folk rock – a cello and a piano backing some earnest and defiant singing by Brian Rozendal.

Over My Shoulder by saraswati

Over My Shoulder is a pretty and sad song, a woman singing over a piano about a love moving on.

If you’ve noticed a pattern among the recent songs, I know, and it’s not you. My guess is that winter 2009 wasn’t a happy one.

History by saraswati

History has a piano-backed woman plaintively singing about her romantic history repeating itself. I guess it’s piano pop.

It’s saraswati’s first posted track to Mefi Music and to here!

O Superman by cortex

O Superman is a non-electronic and mostly acoustic cover of the experimental Laurie Anderson song. This is fairly unusual and experimental in its own right.

Reason #3 by itchylick

Reason #3 sounds purposeful and has momentum, and it’s dedicated to, well, noodling along happily.

I’ll Stab You (for Sumru) by cortex

I’ll Stab You (for Sumru) is a parody of Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called To Say I Love You,” with lyrics about a specific game of Diplomacy. If you haven’t heard of it, Diplomacy is a board war game of intense scheming and two-faced political alliance-building and backstabbing. The game seems smart and challenging and highly recommended, with some really big caveats.

Where was I? Oh yeah. The song is a decent mimickry of an earnest song, with a piano and nice synth strings in the background.

First Snows of Summer by cathodeheart

First Snows of Summer is a lovely and lush electronica. I love the textures of the drums, piano, synths, and cymbals. It’s spacy, meandering, and soothing.

Floating by csimpkins

Floating is a lovely, contemplative and downtempo song.

In Your Name by TheWaves

In Your Name is melancholy, slow-paced indie rock.

[Oops! I previewed but didn’t hit publish. Let’s call this the song for Monday & Tuesday.]

Sparks by Sir Mildred Pierce

Sparks is another brilliant piece by Sir Mildred Pierce; it’s laid-back and mellow, a bit loopy. This samples an artist that Sir Mildred Pierce discovered from a a movie – so, it’s fitting that the video for the song samples that movie.

Overload by blinks

Overload is an instrumental piece with piano and strings, like the soundtrack for someone deducing what is really going on.

Too Late to Sleep by Karlos the Jackal

Too Late to Sleep is a dreamy track. It’s an alt-pop song, with a hypnotist,a filtered autoharp, a violin-uke, and a Stylophone.

Afternoon Date by blinks

Afternoon Date is an instrumental piece – it’s laid-back & mellow, but with an lovely & slow build.

Some Time To Myself by toekneebullard

Some Time To Myself is a chill, slow-moving ambient track. The repetition is sorta hypnotic & soothing.

Secular Humanist Love Song by Dalton

Secular Humanist Love Song is an alt-rock* ballad (note: one nsfw word in lyrics).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

* or maybe indie pop, I don’t even know

The Coat Hanger Song by rosco731

The Coat Hanger Song is an eclectic sort of song, shifting gears often – from a woodwind and a drumbeat, adding intricate guitarwork, to a hefty dirty guitar and a singing pirate to a cappella harmonizing. I love the many styles thrown together like this.

on and on and on by edlundart

on and on and on is a political, minimal, melancholy, and ethereal song.

Misty by chrismear

Misty is an oft-covered jazz classic. This is a lovely take on it, with a piano and an alto sax.

Edit (2012-12-05): The MP3 wasn’t attached. Fixed it, belatedly.

I’ll Never Forget You by coaster

I’ll Never Forget You is a lovely piano ballad.

sorrow by ikebowen

sorrow is a pretty song. I love the expressiveness of the piano.

Dreaming of the Sitar by lancer1966

Dreaming of the Sitar uses a flute, piano, & sitar to make a simple, pretty composition.

Synthoholics Anonymous by ozomatli

Synthoholics Anonymous is a sometimes cheesy, sometimes pretty chiptune romp.

Acidspit13 by ageispolis

Acidspit13 is an excellent dancable electronica track, with multiple layers of rhythm.

An Urgent Intimacy Awash Their Hearts by phylum sinter

An Urgent Intimacy Awash Their Hearts has acoustic & glitch traits. It’s a canon, somewhat meditative in its repetition.

This is the second track I’ve posted from phylum sinter – see his tag here for more.

a moment by csimpkins

a moment is a soothing, instrumental piece.