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Seven Nation Army by grubi

Seven Nation Army is a power-pop cover of the White Stripes song, which I love. This cover was inspired by a post about various covers of the song, including a great one by the Flaming Lips.

last night a werewolf fell in love with me (silver lipstick remix) by February28

last night a werewolf fell in love with me (silver lipstick remix) is a slightly livelier remix of a power pop song about supernatural romance.

Edit: Whoops. I published this, but I didn’t attach the song. Fixed!

Stars by uncleozzy

Stars is a power pop song, with an earnest pop intro. I like the shift, and I prefer the power pop.

Aquamarine by grubi

Aquamarine is some nice, crunchy powerpop, from grubi, who I’ve featured a couple of times, including some hip-hop just a couple of days ago.

This is the very first song from the very first Metafilter Music Challenge, water.

Nothing Left to Apologize For (demo) by grubi

Hey there, fellow sinners! *fistbump*

Nothing Left to Apologize For (demo) is tightly wound, muscular, and fun power pop.

Out of Luck by litlnemo

Out of Luck is energetic, rowdy, garage, powerpop.

Hats, Caps and Notions by joe lisboa

Hats, Caps and Notions is just this indie powerpop song, you know?