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Caerse Muerto (cyan mix) by sleepy pete

Caerse Muerto (cyan mix) is like a world music soundtrack to an action movie, with much asskicking. It has throat singing, stabbing strings, drums, and a lush and layered atmosphere with other fun instruments.
“Caerse Muerto” means “drop dead.”

Passing You By by p3t3

Passing You By is a mellow instrumental electronica song, with layers of skittering percussion, whistling synths, and mellow synths. It’s pretty and soothing.

Movie Credits instrumental by Greynaab

Movie Credits instrumental is atmospheric slow spacy spooky instrumental piece. With strings. Sibilance.

Overload by blinks

Overload is an instrumental piece with piano and strings, like the soundtrack for someone deducing what is really going on.

An Urgent Intimacy Awash Their Hearts by phylum sinter

An Urgent Intimacy Awash Their Hearts has acoustic & glitch traits. It’s a canon, somewhat meditative in its repetition.

This is the second track I’ve posted from phylum sinter – see his tag here for more.