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Africa (Dark Continent Mix) by ropeladder

Africa (Dark Continent Mix) is a noisy techno song, loopy and discordant, with (to quote the description) melodic lines and chord progressions from the song by Toto.

Minnesota Porn inspired remix by Greynaab

Minnesota Porn inspired remix is a bumpin’ trance song. It follows another electronica tune based on Astro Zombie’s “Minnesota Porn” (NSFW).

Space Gait by cloeburner

Space Gait is a spacy and minimal electronic tune, layered with different rhythms, drifting into and out of sync.

Whispers by Mz_Jai

Whispers is a goth-industrial / techno song – a dance song with lyrics that are not entirely safe for work.

This is Mz_Jai’s only song to date. Check her profile; her website’s a link to her band’s website, with more music there.

Juicebox Hustler by god particle

Juicebox Hustler samples the vocals of Rick Ross’ Hustlin,’ and adds the backing of a happy poppy techno song.

I missed Hustlin’ the first time around, so I was more familiar with “Everyday I’m Shufflin’,” from the more popular LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem, which came out in December 2010, over a year after Juicebox Hustler.

Oh Ma Gad Yall by tehloki

Oh Ma Gad Yall is a techno song with sorta catchy lyrics, mostly contained in the title.

And that’s tehloki’s last song for now!

Model Home by frenetic

Model Home is a fun big dumb techno song from frenetic. It’s dancy synthpop.

APATHY//GOLD by god particle

APATHY//GOLD is a dense techno song. It’s somewhat harshly electronic, and it’s all noodly and trilling and throbbing.

Frog versus Toad by The World Famous

To give the full title, Frog versus Toad (Are Part Of A Zombie Bot Army From The Future) is an upbeat techno song that heavily samples Metafilter Podcast, episode 38. It makes the mods both sinister and goofy.

This is the first time I’ve tagged mathowie on here!

Portable Acid by nthdegx

Portable Acid is a bustling techno track with a noodly synth. I like how quick-moving it is.

Kim by god particle

Kim is a pretty epic and awesome big techno song.

I wonder if my ringtone is sampled here. Every time I listen to this song, I swear my phone is ringing. My apologies if this happens to you too.

Also, to mefites named Kim: *waves*

V-Unit by lord_yo

V-Unit is a somewhat dark instrumental electronica track. I like its groove, and its layers. It reminds me of Trinity by sluglicker – both suggest movement through space to me.

Smallbeat by lord_yo

Smallbeat is a friendly noodly mellow house tune. It’s lord_yo’s first posted song on Mefi Music and on here!

For Great Justice by god particle

For Great Justice is abrasive techno, aggressive and glitchy. It’s harsh but also melodic. I like how all the instruments sound, but I’m partial to dirty fuzzy synths.

Criminal (TTP Remix) by god particle

Criminal (TTP Remix) is an industrial remix of the original song by The Roots. The original is jazzy hip-hop; this is a much more aggressive techno version, which matches the lyrics better.

Shut Up, Throw Up (Your Hands) by god particle

Shut Up, Throw Up (Your Hands) is just this catchy and fun techno/electro song, fuzzy synth, danciness and all.

You, The Automaton by god particle

You, The Automaton starts out mild-mannered and head-nodding electronica, but abruptly drops into fierce techno mode, with sounds like old-school science fiction rayguns.

Ordnance v1.0 by deusdiabolus

Ordnance v1.0 is a techno track, with a slow build and layers of squelching and fluttering synths.

It’s the soundtrack to Very Important Stuff Happening.

Aw Yeah (demo) by god particle

Aw Yeah (demo) is an electropop dance song, with crunchy synths. Very bouncy and aggressive!

They Glow by god particle

They Glow is a roaring if harshly electronic techno song.

Thunder by god particle

Thunder is an awesome loud & glitchy techno track. It’s a bit harsh and industrial, but it’s got a good beat.

Dub Dub by god particle

Dub Dub is an awesome techno song, quick-moving with glitch, squeaky synths, and farty bass.

Straphanger (H201E) by loquacious

Straphanger (H201E) is a techno track, featuring samples from San Francisco mass transit. Muni sounds good!

Punch ‘Em In The Dick by mediocre

The release of the instant classic Punch ‘Em In The Dick was a momentous and historic occasion for Metafilter Music. It’s a NSFW hip-hop track, with a deceptively dumb sound and topic and funny lyrics – “scrotum? I damn near killed ’em!” It made it into the Mefi sideblog (a first for a Mefi Music song!), the Mefi podcast, & it was made into a ringtone.

If you haven’t heard it, give it a verse or two; it’s a really smart song for being so lowbrow.

As appropriate: Happy Memorial Day or Punch Monday in the dick, y’all!

Eleven by not_on_display

Eleven is a fun mix: it’s a cappella techno, featuring the heavily filtered voice of moderator jessamyn.

Planetarium Disco by The World Famous

Planetarium Disco is a happy bouncy techno track, with the synths I like, rolling along in a dense and noodly way.

This is The World Famous’ first appearance here! Many thanks!

Profiling by nthdegx

Profiling is IDM – intelligent dance music – a bit droney and hypnotic / repetitive, but not too ambient for my tastes. It shifts slowly.

Edit, 7pm – The mp3 wasn’t attached. Let’s say this is Tuesday’s entry.

Playing Games by god particle

Playing Games is a short but rocking little chiptune from frequent guest this month, god particle.

Concept (Remix) by tmcw

Concept (Remix) is a roaring techno remix of their own, possibly unreleased, rock song.

Joyride by god particle

Joyride is happy electronica, with a cheesy bouncy synth. (I like farty bassy synths.)

Flashbakk by god particle

Flashbakk is an intricate & awesome techno track, from god particle – it’s sort of his week here so far. Note, the first six seconds are noisy & not like the rest of the track.

Scrape the Sky by god particle

Scrape the Sky is a bumping techno track from god particle.

Thorns on the Heartstrings by Vicarious

Thorns on the Heartstrings is a slightly dark electronica song, brooding, slow-paced, & pulsing in an industrial way; over midway through, it turns in an acid techno direction – which is to say, it reminds me of that song from “Blade,” in a good way.

While the City Sleeps by god particle

While the City Sleeps is glorious techno, with fuzzy bass & a momentous, rolling beat.

Axeitus by tehloki

Axeitus is a bumpin’ techno track from tehloki.

Yellow Test 1 by cmicali

Yellow Test 1 is some groovy house techno. My only problem with it is that it’s too short – only 3:19, with an abrupt ending!

dotgod by edverb

The oontz oontz oontz is strong in dotgod. It’s a techno track, with a toy piano involved. My apologies for not posting this on the regular schedule, and further apologies in advance for interruptions during the holiday season.

Jesus Loves Techno (porno version) by reklus

Jesus Loves Techno (porno version) is a nice piece of layered techno, sampling a Ron Jeremy video. It is definitely NSFW.

Show Me A Better Future by ageispolis

Show Me A Better Future is a bouncy techno song, with sorta breakbeat shifts in tempo.

Edit: I belatedly noticed that this is the 200th song posted here. Woot!

(all hype) by ageispolis

(all hype) is a slamming dance track. It’s all bass and tight loops and equalizer-fading, more than a little like Daft Punk, for example.