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Nova Dolphin by CarrotAdventure

Nova Dolphin is happy synthpop, with a propulsive backbeat.

Meteors by CarrotAdventure

Meteors is a happy dancy synthpop song.

HighSchoolSweethearts by CarrotAdventure

HighSchoolSweethearts is a happy bouncy synthpop song.

Alien Rocket Skateboard Cat by CarrotAdventure

Alien Rocket Skateboard Cat is some relentlessly upbeat synthpoppy electronica.

Golden Mushroom by CarrotAdventure

Golden Mushroom is a mellow dance song, punctuated by samples from Mario Kart. It’s-a pretty good!

Robot Bambi Finds His Mother by CarrotAdventure

Robot Bambi Finds His Mother is an upbeat instrumental dancy synthpop song, with layers of quickly trilling synths and relatively slower bits. I like the interplay between those layers.

This Woman’s Work (remix) by CarrotAdventure

This Woman’s Work (remix) is a synthy dance remix of Kate Bush. It’s CarrotAdventure’s second Kate Bush remix here.

HoverBoardzzzz by CarrotAdventure

HoverBoardzzzz is cheerful videogame music – with guitar and noodly synths, it’s upbeat and instrumental electronica.

Barnyard Friends by CarrotAdventure

Barnyard Friends is upbeat and dancy instrumental electronica.

No More “I Love You’s” (Beautiful Unicorn Remix) by CarrotAdventure

No More “I Love You’s” (Beautiful Unicorn Remix) is a dance remix of the Annie Lennox song, with a nice bassline groove and fun rearranged lyrical samples.

FutureDance by CarrotAdventure

FutureDance is another track from CarrotAdventure, who does great bouncy synthpop / chiptunes. This one’s kinda Italo.

Let’s Kick It by CarrotAdventure

Let’s Kick It is an irrepressibly bouncy and happy chiptune / synthpop song.

Island Party by CarrotAdventure

Island Party is a happy and bouncy synthpop / chiptune track!

Snow Cone, Faux Cone, Bro Cone by CarrotAdventure

Snow Cone, Faux Cone, Bro Cone is a bouncy little chiptune – a synthpop tune with cheesy synths. It makes me happy!

Excellent Unicorn by CarrotAdventure

Excellent Unicorn is a dancy synthpop song, with noodly synths on an arpeggiator.

Orillia by CarrotAdventure

Orillia is a happy spacy synthpoppy sort of song.

Cambie & Hastings by CarrotAdventure

Cambie & Hastings is a happy noodly electronica song.

Bertie (Blissout Mix) by CarrotAdventure

Bertie (Blissout Mix) is a happy, blissed-out & loopy dance remix of a Kate Bush song.

Teens In Love In Space by CarrotAdventure

Teens In Love In Space is a happy electropop tune – lots of synths.

DanceDanceDanceDanceDance (Part I) by CarrotAdventure

DanceDanceDanceDanceDance (Part I) is happy bouncy synthpop, just impossibly quick-moving synths and there’s something about it that makes using punctuation like commas difficult because like I would have to mentally pause a beat and that just doesn’t fit this song like at all.

Spin Dash by CarrotAdventure

Spin Dash sounds like the soundtrack to a Sonic the Hedgehog game: funky synths, instrumental, the samples from gathering rings. It’s a happy and bouncy song.