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No No No (The Ballad of Gina and Bobby) by uncleozzy

No No No (The Ballad of Gina and Bobby) is a fun punk rock song. I love the guitars!

Ode on an Irish Pub by uncleozzy

Ode on an Irish Pub is a medley of folk songs, done as boisterous drinking songs: “The Wild Rover,” “Black Velvet Band,” and “Molly Malone.”

Hero by uncleozzy

Hero is a drunken stream-of-consciousness shambles of a cover of the Enrique Iglesias song. I find this much more amusing than I should.

Bride of the Creature From the Deep by uncleozzy

Bride of the Creature From the Deep is a sequel (the first here!) to another “head-bobbing retro pop song,” Creature From the Deep (previously).

Little Donut Party by uncleozzy

Little Donut Party is a happy bouncy goofy catchy short synthpop song.

Heroin by uncleozzy

Heroin is uncleozzy’s straightforward rock take on the Velvet Underground song.

Faithfully by uncleozzy

Faithfully is a gleefully upbeat polka version of a classic rock ballad by Journey.

Soon by uncleozzy

Soon is a two-chord reverie – strolling along, in a contemplative way. Think of acoustic guitars and scrubbing a washboard. Mellow.

Edit: This is song #500! Woot!

Creature From the Deep by uncleozzy

Creature from the Deep is a head-bobbing retro pop song, like the Monster Mash and the flexi discs off of cereal boxes.

A Familiar Tune by uncleozzy

A Familiar Tune is a cheesy dance synth-based mashup. I caught the use of Pachelbel’s Canon and the Pet Shop Boys’ “Go West,” but I didn’t catch Puff the Magic Dragon and the Soviet national anthem by myself.

Rock n’ roll song (about rock n’ roll) by uncleozzy

Rock n’ roll song (about rock n’ roll) is a very meta rock song about how rock songs about rock rarely rock, but rock songs about those songs can rock – as a case in point, this song. This is uncleozzy’s cover of umbú’s song.

Stars by uncleozzy

Stars is a power pop song, with an earnest pop intro. I like the shift, and I prefer the power pop.

Secret Agent Man by uncleozzy

Secret Agent Man is a sorta surf punk cover of the Johnny Rivers classic.

Too Much For Me by uncleozzy

Too Much For Me is an awesome big fun rock song.

King of the Road by uncleozzy

Happy Halloween! King of the Road is a lofi punk version of the frequently covered Roger Miller country song.