Monthly Archives: January 2011

I Miss You by starkeffect

I Miss You is another song from starkeffect – lovely, dancy electronica.

Think of Me by starkeffect

Think of Me is one of starkeffect’s songs, built from found audio. It’s lovely, dancy, mellow electronica.

(Also, the “well yeah!” sample sounds like me.)

we all have disguises (live edit) by phylum sinter

we all have disguises (live edit) is a mellow, glitchy, ambient track.

The Atlantic by Greg Nog

The Atlantic is a defiant, rambunctious sea shanty.

Rubik’s Cube by Fuzzy Monster

Rubik’s Cube is a love song about a puzzle. Cute.

Making Me Nervous by frenetic

Making Me Nervous is a laidback, catchy song, & it was the second song posted to Metafilter Music.


I’ve been listening to the songs on Metafilter Musicall the songs! – from the very beginning. On weekday mornings, I’ll add a song I like to this – it’s a song of the day podcast.

The most popular tags for the music I like so far: electronic, pop, dance, ambient, rock, electronica, synth, techno, instrumental, & indie.