Monthly Archives: May 2011

February Third (album version) by ludwig_van

February Third (album version) is an indie rock / pop kiss-off song.

Amie and Mr. Wells by sluglicker

Amie and Mr. Wells is a slow-paced, meditative, and mostly instrumental song.

Sock Patterns by jake

Sock Patterns is all about cheesy synths. It’s instrumental, but ZachsMind wrote accompanying lyrics if you want to read along.

Tasha by snsranch

Tasha is a quiet instrumental interlude, in memory of a dog.

If I Had You by miss lynnster

From chanteuse miss lynnster, a cover of Frank Sinatra: If I Had You is a quiet song of longing.

Flying Moby Attack by chillmost

Flying Moby Attack is droning space rock.

While the name suggests a bald musician gliding above the ground in an attack position, or an enemy from Zelda II, it’s meant to suggest a cross between the lo-fi space rock of Flying Saucer Attack and the electronica of Moby.

Nothing Left to Apologize For (demo) by grubi

Hey there, fellow sinners! *fistbump*

Nothing Left to Apologize For (demo) is tightly wound, muscular, and fun power pop.

Burn The Bridges to the Shores by Quartermass

Burn The Bridges to the Shores is a new wave / electro call for drastic action. Make your move while there’s still time!

Hunting for Foxes by Wolfdog

This isn’t in the usual genres covered here – Hunting for Foxes is a nice bit of metal. The video I picture for it involves highway driving and guitar playing, in the desert. It would rock.


HI I’M ON METAFILTER AND I COULD OVERTHINK A PLATE OF BEANS is a song based on an in-joke that still makes me laugh.

Summer’s Ending by ludwig_van

Summer’s Ending is wistful indie rock.

Sgt. Pepper 2.0 by cortex

Sgt. Pepper 2.0 is a Metafilter-centric parody of the Beatles’ “A Day in the Life,” put together by cortex, using lyrics from It’s Raining Florence Henderson.

Note: cortex pronounces “LOL” as “lohl,” not (as I thought) “lawl.”

bent+acoustic by RobertFrost

bent+acoustic uses an acoustic guitar and circuit bent instruments – electronic instruments rewired, allowing creative experimentation beyond what the original manufacturer intended. The focus is on the guitar.

All That’s Left by Quartermass

All That’s Left sounds like 80’s synthpop.

This song – post #1002 – is the first one posted in the four-digits.

Lufthansa by ageispolis

Lufthansa is an instrumental electronica song that often abruptly switches gears – it shifts from build-up to chill out, and back, and out.

Beginning of the End by Saellys

Beginning of the End is a pretty song about the end of the world.

Ascension Island by mykescipark

Ascension Island is a synthpop song about love and espionage.

Positronic Hips by Jimbob

Positronic Hips is a mellow, instrumental bit of electronica from frequently showcased artist Jimbob.

Face The Music (Tony Danza) by drezdn

Face The Music (Tony Danza) is a rock song that’s not really about Tony Danza. I think.

Want more Tony Danza?

Summon My Jesus by Navelgazer

Summon My Jesus is a suitable song for the week of Easter. It’s by The Olivers, who also count Afroblanco amongst their members.

What If God Wanted Pasta Sauce by sparkletone

What If God Wanted Pasta Sauce is a very earnest-sounding spoof of Joan Osborne’s “One Of Us,” about the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Pastafarianism.

As an aside, using subjunctive voice, the original lyric should be “what if God were one of us,” not “was.” Performing the corrected version at karaoke (as a Militant Grammarian) struck my fancy, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

A historical curiosity: I’ve been posting songs in the order they were originally posted, and I recently caught up to the date I joined Metafilter. Aware by Electric Winter and Get Out of My Songs by goodnewsfortheinsane were both posted that day.

wound by bitterkitten

Wound is a quirky, offbeat electropop song.