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Syllogismobile by doubtfulpalace

Syllogismobile is an interesting poppy song – the trumpets make it seem like a 50’s pop song, with lyrical references to symbolic logic.

tickle by sleepy pete

tickle is a loopy, and instrumental electronica song, with synths and acoustic guitar. It’s got a nice build to it.

Memo To My Son by ORthey

Memo To My Son is ORthey’s second cover from Randy Newman’s 1972 album “Sail Away,” in his pre-Pixar-soundtrack days. It’s hilarious and sincere, with pretty music. Here’s the original version.

You Got It by cortex

You Got It is a raucous bluegrass Roy Orbison cover.

Where Is My Mind by cortex

Where Is My Mind is a cool little garage rock cover of the Pixies tune, with a theremin wailing away and rockstar guitars.

I Think You’re Alright (demo) by frenetic

I Think You’re Alright (demo) is a pretty great rock song. (Not a lovesong.) I like the groove of the bass guitar especially, and the touches of synth throughout.

The Undiscovered Country Song by saulgoodman

The Undiscovered Country Song is an acoustic laid-back alt-country song, about closeness and separation.

I have a soft spot for the piano, and I also love the cello here, and the layered chaos that wraps it up.

The Life of Perfect Creatures by chimaera

The Life of Perfect Creatures is a rock song, with a wall of guitars, about Laika, the dog cosmonaut.

Affording Good Beheadings by cortex

Affording Good Beheadings is a poppy song in part about ritual suicide, backed by a ukelele and with backup singing also by cortex.

It’s Mefi Music song #4000!

Headless Horseman by Corduroy

Headless Horseman is a wistful ballad, driven by banjolele and guitar. It’s a bit more rocking than the original version by The Microphones.

This is shaping up as a week of remixes and remakes!

Heroin by chococat

Heroin is a garage rock cover of the Velvet Underground song, primarily singing and a guitar. (Though, there is a high-pitched drone.)

Looking at Things, Doing Stuff by dagosto

Looking at Things, Doing Stuff is a quiet poppy rock song, with a chill desert atmosphere to the guitar.

sing for him by greenish

sing for him has a lovely and warm atmosphere; it’s a hymn, with an organ and a guitar providing backing for her vocals.

Unrecognisable-lullejah by Admira

Unrecognisable-lullejah is just, you know, this classical guitar piece.

Okay, yeah, maybe it continues Hallelujah Week.

Shutterbug by ludwig_van

Shutterbug is a pop song about grabbing the all-too-ephemeral moment.

My Heart Will Give You Up by The White Hat

So I have some good news and some bad news. And then a bit more good news. Like a sandwich. Anyway.

The good news is, Celine Dion isn’t well-represented in My Heart Will Give You Up. Just in the intro.

The bad news is, Rick Astley is around.

There’s more good news. It’s well done, with The White Hat’s vocals and skills at banjo, guitar, and harmonica making what could be just a goofy song, sort of good and epic (although yes, still deeply silly). And, I don’t think there’s any more rickrolling on the horizon here, though I won’t make promises.

Slo by sloe

Slo is mostly an ambient, quiet track with guitars – but, it includes some shoegazer-ish guitars in the background.

This is the only song sloe has posted to Mefi Music.

Elves in Iceland by ORthey

Elves in Iceland is a mellow, cool, and layered instrumental piece, with a banjo, an acoustic guitar, and the return of the fistdrum.

she’s sleeping by nicolin

she’s sleeping is a quiet and loopy song – just an acoustic guitar. It’s soothing.

casanova ruins by edlundart

casanova ruins is a melancholy indie rock tune about the absence of love, felt sharply.

Bob-omb Battlefield by danb

Bob-omb Battlefield is a cover of video game music, specifically from Super Mario N64. It’s not a chiptune, though; it’s done with a couple of acoustic guitars.

Attack of the Pasta Party Pirates by OverlappingElvis

Attack of the Pasta Party Pirates is a jazzy jam, with quite a few instruments represented: oboe and alto sax are unusual here. Fun!

Flyball’s Lament (the cover one) by ORthey

Flyball’s Lament (the cover one) is a cover of The Great Big Mulp’s “Flyball’s Lament” (previously). This is a minimal and folkish cover, with frequent guest ORthey singing and playing a guitar or two – one’s his resonator guitar (previously), which is bluegrass-ish.

Jam back in the house by TwoWordReview

Jam back in the house is a lovely instrumental song – an guitar with looping, done in one take.

It’s going to be a fairly mellow week here, I think.

Kick Start by 23skidoo

Kick Start is an adult version of an alphabet song. It’s just 23skidoo and his guitar – happy, pretty uncomplicated pop.

Afternoon Date by blinks

Afternoon Date is an instrumental piece – it’s laid-back & mellow, but with an lovely & slow build.

Don’t Rely on the Radio by 6am

Don’t Rely on the Radio is a spare garage rock song. I agree with the message, & if you’re listening to this podcast, you probably do too. :)

This is 6am’s only posted track to Metafilter, but he has a Myspace page.

The Coat Hanger Song by rosco731

The Coat Hanger Song is an eclectic sort of song, shifting gears often – from a woodwind and a drumbeat, adding intricate guitarwork, to a hefty dirty guitar and a singing pirate to a cappella harmonizing. I love the many styles thrown together like this.

Some Other Boy/Girl by allaboutgeorge

Some Other Boy/Girl is folk rock, with atmospheric, heavily filtered vocals. I like the staccato bass guitar, the sound of crystal bells or chimes.

Is saying it’s “laid-back” redundant here?

Five Fathoms Down by Brainy

Five Fathoms Down is mellow surf rock – like a more contemplative Miserlou.

Shoulda Been About Cupcakes by InfidelZombie

Shoulda Been About Cupcakes is an instrumental, primarily on the droning (steel?) guitar.

Would you like vocals with that? es_de_bah contributed some.

Your Melodies by ORthey

Your Melodies is, as tdismukes notes in the thread, “plaintive and melancholy.” It’s also warm, with banjo and guitar.

Gravity by aleb

Gravity is a mellow, layered guitar song.

Eggdrop by strangeguitars

Eggdrop is an bouncy Dixieland song.

workshop by nicolin

Bonus track! The song that went up on Saturday should have been posted today.

workshop is a big band jazz song or three.

Storm by MvE

Storm is a quiet instrumental piece, set during a rainstorm in the desert.

Glow by Electric Winter

Glow is another lovely song from Electric Winter. It’s instrumental, with synths, guitars, a drum machine, and a xylophone.