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Bad Romance by ZsigE

Bad Romance is a one-man indie pop ukelele and synth cover of the Lady Gaga song, which I now recognize prefigures a couple of elements of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball video – namely, some nudity and the crying close-ups. Is this a stretch? Sure it is, but I felt like linking the Chatroulette version of the video. It’s like an early Christmas gift!

Today by willc

Today is a goofy little, slightly disjointed, sorta-college rock song, with absurdist (and not entirely work-safe) lyrics, and music including a ukelele and drum machine. And, I think, a bass guitar groove.

It’s willc’s first time on the podcast, with the latest song he’s posted.

Follow Alexandria by multivalent

Follow Alexandria is a cool and acoustic “indie folk” song, with guitar and ukelele. This band hails from Glasgow.

Really Bad Moon Rising by Jenkiins

Really Bad Moon Rising is a hilariously lofi take on the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic rock song. This version has only an accordion and ukelele as instrumentation. And by “lofi,” I mean, it was done in one take from a laptop’s built-in mic.

running into by IngeChiles

running into is a lovely and minimal song – just IngeChiles singing with her ukelele.

The Same Four Chords by ZsigE

The Same Four Chords is a sweet song about the process of trying to write a lovesong. It’s indie pop, with harmonica and ukelele.

Jesus Buys Me Cigarettes by RokkitNite

Jesus Buys Me Cigarettes is a jaunty ukelele-backed tune about the teenaged hijinks of Jesus.

Fuck You You Fucking Fuck by Astro Zombie

Fuck You You Fucking Fuck is a very sweary song – lofi punk rock, with shouted vocals and, unusually, ukeleles.

I love how different it is from yesterday’s song.

Drunk Again by cortex

Drunk Again is a weightless indie pop tune, vibrophone and ukelele just floating along. It’s about the “feeling no pain” part of drinking and wallowing. It’s another track off his “make an album in a month” project, Inchoatery.

Red River Valley by IngeChiles

Red River Valley is a sweet old cowboy song, with nice harmonizing between IngeChiles and her sister, backed by a ukelele.

It’s IngeChiles’ first appearance here!

So We’ll Go No More A-Roving by ZsigE

So We’ll Go No More A-Roving is a folk song about the fading of love, with lyrics drawn from a Lord Byron poem. It’s still sweet and pretty. It’s ZsigE’s first appearance here!

shallow song/airport fiction by multivalent

shallow song/airport fiction is really two songs – first folk, then folk rock, both with ukeleles and a guitar. I really like airport fiction, and I’m not sure if it’s because, or despite, the fact that it’s really lofi.

It’s multivalent’s first posted song!

Affording Good Beheadings by cortex

Affording Good Beheadings is a poppy song in part about ritual suicide, backed by a ukelele and with backup singing also by cortex.

It’s Mefi Music song #4000!

Halle Hula by cortex

Halle Hula is a hula-flavored cover of Hallelujah, just ukelele and singing and *so much* joy.

Hallelukulelejah by jhighmore

Hallelukulelejah is a cover of “Hallelujah,” originally by Leonard Cohen and popularized by Jeff Buckley. It’s a great song, covered many, many times. In fact, covering this became the next Music Challenge after this posting – you’ll hear some of the results here in a month or so.

Love Me Tender by BrnP84

Love Me Tender is a short, sweet, cute, and twee cover of the Elvis song, with a ukelele.

Thirty-seven Seconds by davejay

Thirty-seven Seconds is a funny, short, and quick-and-dirty song about writing a short and quick-and-dirty song. It was too funny, meta, and cute to resist posting!

Then She Begins … by The Great Big Mulp

Then She Begins … is another short rock song, packing a lot in despite that – some unusual instruments appear, including an electric ukelele, a toy piano, a reed organ, and a trumpet.

Flyball’s Lament (the better one) by The Great Big Mulp

Flyball’s Lament (the better one) is a newer version of the simpler, stripped-down first attempt. It’s a silly & fun song.

Nested Sorrow by Chocomog

Nested Sorrow is an instrumental piece, featuring a dissonant ukelele.

Revenge by The Great Big Mulp

Revenge is a very orchestratedly odd song, with the first mentions so far of “mayonnaise” & “dodecahedral.” It feels like a decent song to end the week with.