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I Am John by goodnewsfortheinsane

I Am John is a pretty acoustic cover from goodnewsfortheinsane, originally from Loney Dear. It’s the first song here tagged with melodica or glockenspiel.

Elemental by tehloki

Elemental is an upbeat trance / dance song.

As We Move Along (rough mix) by Mali

As We Move Along (rough mix) is some shouty pop-punk, which I like – though I don’t think it needs the High Fidelity sample.

Satiomega by tehloki

Satiomega is great music for a (tragically, thus far non-existent) video game.

Neuexperiment by jchgf

Neuexperiment is quiet, like a couple of music boxes playing in the background.

Ipsum Tiled by tehloki

Ipsum Tiled is an happily, aggressively upbeat trance song.

Da House by tehloki

Da House is a noodly little dance song.

Mixado Ar Sinore by tehloki

Mixado Ar Sinore is just a charming, loopy song with squealing synths. It’s based on Haddado TarraT odaddaH, a nice electronica song that looped back into reverse, becoming a mirror or palindrome of itself.


I’m adding songs back to the original playlist, to signal musicians that I liked their songs. I’ve also cleaned up some small errors with dates and links.

Flyball’s Lament (the better one) by The Great Big Mulp

Flyball’s Lament (the better one) is a newer version of the simpler, stripped-down first attempt. It’s a silly & fun song.

Happy Birthday, Mom! by The Great Big Mulp

Happy Birthday, Mom! is a fun song, incorporating kazoo, recorder, toy piano, and a ukulele.

Lambda Loops by tehloki

Lambda Loops is some techno with a great momentum.

Stare Into the Blackness by Chocomog

Stare Into the Blackness is a lovely shoegazer song – many shimmery layered guitars.

Server Sound by tehloki

Server Sound is a muscular but laidback song with random samples layered over synths.

Oh, this was the first of many songs tehloki posted. I love his music! His music’s more notable than his favoriting habit.

Old Man by ORthey

Old Man is a sad, pretty cover of a Randy Newman song, from his 1972 album “Sail Away,” well before he composed songs for Pixar movies.

Reflections by TwoWordReview

Reflections rocks!

Plate of Beans by rhizome23

Plate of Beans is a dark, glitchy piece of electronica.

sorrow by ikebowen

sorrow is a pretty song. I love the expressiveness of the piano.

workshop by nicolin

Bonus track! The song that went up on Saturday should have been posted today.

workshop is a big band jazz song or three.

Green and Long and Mean by cortex

This is an educational song about how (some) snakes are Green and Long and Mean. To be fair, not all snakes are mean; some snakes are very friendly, willing (eager, even) to give full-body hugs.

This concludes the second Music Challenge, snakes.

Edit: Whoops! This was meant for Monday’s post.

Resh Day Lo by sleepy pete

Resh Day Lo is a nifty & layered trip-hop song from The Harvey Girls, the genre-hopping band of sleepy pete & melissa may.

The Imlovence (of My Heart) by The Great Big Mulp

The Imlovence (of My Heart) is an offbeat snapshot of a specific moment, though it’s sad that it takes a derogatory stance against “nonexistent” words.

Until You Sever The Snake by flapjax at midnite

Until You Sever The Snake is a bluesy song. It’s the first song here from frequent and awesome Music contributor, flapjax at midnite.

The Parade at Bobbleton by nthdegx

The Parade at Bobbleton is surprisingly rousing for such cheesy synths.

sippin’ on some severus by kimyo

sippin’ on some severus is sultry & geeky trip-hop.