Monthly Archives: June 2013

Lithium Spanish Flea by onehalfjunco

Lithium Spanish Flea is a mashup of Lithium by Nirvana Spanish Flea by Herb Alpert (you know, from The Dating Game. It’s angry grunge vocals over a trumpet and Latin beat. What’s not to love?

Yup, there’s a mashup trend here.

Single Ladies Want Candy by davejay

Single Ladies Want Candy is a fun mashup of a couple of pop songs – “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé (2008) and new wave classic “I Want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow (1982), which I just found out is a cover of The Strangeloves (1965). It’s bouncy and fun!

modified block format by ropeladder

modified block format is a head-nodding sort of electronica song; it’s instrumental, with an eerie synth, piano, and glitch as percussion. It has a nice build.

Stain by chococat

Stain is a nifty rock song, with a man singing in falsetto, and nice layers.

Affording Good Beheadings by cortex

Affording Good Beheadings is a poppy song in part about ritual suicide, backed by a ukelele and with backup singing also by cortex.

It’s Mefi Music song #4000!

YOU ARE EVERYTHING by The Audio Invasion

YOU ARE EVERYTHING is a mellow and pretty rock song with piano, a wash of synths, and guitars.

Robot Bambi Finds His Mother by CarrotAdventure

Robot Bambi Finds His Mother is an upbeat instrumental dancy synthpop song, with layers of quickly trilling synths and relatively slower bits. I like the interplay between those layers.

Love of Luxury (Lake Heartbeat’s Lake Luxury Remix) by setanor

Love of Luxury (Lake Heartbeat’s Lake Luxury Remix) is a sexy dance song, with beautiful layers and textures. I love its atmosphere.

Maytown by Espoo2

Maytown is some awesome electronic rock with interesting layers and textures.

Bride of the Creature From the Deep by uncleozzy

Bride of the Creature From the Deep is a sequel (the first here!) to another “head-bobbing retro pop song,” Creature From the Deep (previously).

(don’t fear the) reaper by kimyo

(don’t fear the) reaper is a pretty cover of the Blue Öyster Cult song, with a cello instead of an electric guitar, woman-fronted instead, and atmospheric in an ethereal way.

Whispers by Mz_Jai

Whispers is a goth-industrial / techno song – a dance song with lyrics that are not entirely safe for work.

This is Mz_Jai’s only song to date. Check her profile; her website’s a link to her band’s website, with more music there.

Sleep, Finally by azarbayejani

Sleep, Finally is a mellow electronica song, with a long quiet build and intro. It’s dreamlike.

Whoops, I didn’t hit post! This is the song for Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Bottom Falls Out of the Clouds (demoriffic version) by rangefinder 1.4

The Bottom Falls Out of the Clouds (demoriffic version) is an acoustic and folk cover of a song from cortex. It’s sort of pretty, and slow, not downbeat exactly, but enjoying a rainy day.

Everybody (Turn The Beat Up) by clcapps

Everybody (Turn The Beat Up) is an autotuned electropop song.

Feel Free! Plastic Surgery! (demo) by frenetic

Feel Free! Plastic Surgery! (demo) is an upbeat and happy song, with slightly less optimistic lyrics – cutting, even – about plastic surgery. I like this as it is, with weird instruments in the background, like the beatboxing, other mouth noises, and the swelling horns.

The final version – on Guess Who’s a Mess and on Soundcloud – loses some of the goofy instrumentation, and some of the charm, though your mileage may vary.

Supersonic (Remix) by darainwa

Supersonic (Remix) is a house remix of the 1999 Jamiroquai song, with lots of disco and bursts of horns and bits of acid house.

This is the only song darainwa’s posted.

Maria…Lorianne… (part one) by fuq

Maria…Lorianne… (part one) is a spacy breakbeat and ambient song.

Introvertigo by gmm

Introvertigo is a somewhat discordant and disconcerting bit of instrumental electronica – picture a tape player with a speed control that sways a bit. A bit glitchy.