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Oh Ma Gad Yall by tehloki

Oh Ma Gad Yall is a techno song with sorta catchy lyrics, mostly contained in the title.

And that’s tehloki’s last song for now!

How Jesus is Made or Thank You and Goodnight by tehloki

How Jesus is Made or Thank You and Goodnight is a dreamy electronica shoegazer track.

Wow. We’re nearing the end of tehloki’s catalog on Mefi Music – as I write this, he’s only posted one song after this. I liked hearing new music from him.

Fortune’s Lament by tehloki

Fortune’s Lament is some low-key electronica, instrumental background music.

Wow. It’s been a few months since I last posted music from then-frequent-guest (maybe too frequent) tehloki. We’re nearing the end of his Mefi Music output to date. And the time delay on this podcast – a bit under four years, right now – makes for some interesting verb tenses. Perhaps he’ll release more music by the time the podcast catches up? I hope so.

Axeitus by tehloki

Axeitus is a bumpin’ techno track from tehloki.

Zes Haus Hansbilt by tehloki

Zes Haus Hansbilt is a groovy house track from frequent guest tehloki.

Me Plug In by tehloki

Me Plug In is techno video game music.

It looks like this used to play at a different rate in Flash, but it works better now. It should be 2:22 long.

Thank You by tehloki

Thank You is a noodly and spacy electronica take on an Alanis Morissette song.

Templar by tehloki

Templar is a trancy techno bumping song.

Stare Into My Drifting Eyes by tehloki

Stare Into My Drifting Eyes is a groovy psychedelic trance song, posted four years ago today.

Elemental by tehloki

Elemental is an upbeat trance / dance song.

Satiomega by tehloki

Satiomega is great music for a (tragically, thus far non-existent) video game.

Ipsum Tiled by tehloki

Ipsum Tiled is an happily, aggressively upbeat trance song.

Da House by tehloki

Da House is a noodly little dance song.

Mixado Ar Sinore by tehloki

Mixado Ar Sinore is just a charming, loopy song with squealing synths. It’s based on Haddado TarraT odaddaH, a nice electronica song that looped back into reverse, becoming a mirror or palindrome of itself.

Lambda Loops by tehloki

Lambda Loops is some techno with a great momentum.

Server Sound by tehloki

Server Sound is a muscular but laidback song with random samples layered over synths.

Oh, this was the first of many songs tehloki posted. I love his music! His music’s more notable than his favoriting habit.