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Les Mondes Englotuis by gmm

Les Mondes Englotuis is a cover of the theme to an 80’s cartoon, known in the States as “Spartakus And The Sun Beneath The Sea.” The cover is bouncy synthpop, with cheesy squeaky synths, arpeggios, and robots singing in French. It’s also largely chiptune-ish.

The intro’s on Youtube, in its original French (warning: it’s very French and very 80’s) and the English version.

FutureDance by CarrotAdventure

FutureDance is another track from CarrotAdventure, who does great bouncy synthpop / chiptunes. This one’s kinda Italo.

Let’s Kick It by CarrotAdventure

Let’s Kick It is an irrepressibly bouncy and happy chiptune / synthpop song.

Juicebox Hustler by god particle

Juicebox Hustler samples the vocals of Rick Ross’ Hustlin,’ and adds the backing of a happy poppy techno song.

I missed Hustlin’ the first time around, so I was more familiar with “Everyday I’m Shufflin’,” from the more popular LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem, which came out in December 2010, over a year after Juicebox Hustler.

Island Party by CarrotAdventure

Island Party is a happy and bouncy synthpop / chiptune track!

Turbo Nugget by jake

Turbo Nugget is a happy poppy bouncy chiptune, sort of about a hyper dog running around.

You Do by azarbayejani

You Do is a sad chiptune song – an instrumental, deliberately paced, and pretty electronica song.

Blast Off Forever by jake

Blast Off Forever is a sweeping and epic theme for a sadly non-existent video game, a synth-based song that would be great for an action montage.

Playing Games by god particle

Playing Games is a short but rocking little chiptune from frequent guest this month, god particle.

Fantastische Farben by hellphish

Fantastische Farben is a chiptune song, with instruments from an emulated Commodore 64. It starts simple, but gets rolling a minute in. I like the repeated builds.

So far, this is the only song hellphish has posted.

Baltimore by cloeburner

Baltimore is Baltimore club music, with lots of looping, assembled on the Nintendo DS – points for style!

Staring at My Spaceship by jake

Staring at My Spaceship is a cute bossa nova chiptune.

Satiomega by tehloki

Satiomega is great music for a (tragically, thus far non-existent) video game.

FX3 – Thrash by jake

FX3 – Thrash is awesome 16-bit game music. I want to play this game! Sadly, it doesn’t exist.