Monthly Archives: March 2011

Anbesol by drezdn

Anbesol is really quite soothing.

Sum Yung Punk by Jimbob

Sum Yung Punk is a tasty melange of drum & bass. I like the different layers, with their wildly differing speeds.

Out of Luck by litlnemo

Out of Luck is energetic, rowdy, garage, powerpop.

Bang Camaro – Push Push (DJ Die Young Bootleg Mix) by djamiem

DJ Die Young’s remix of Bang Camaro’s Push Push provides an energetic, electro start to the week.

Hats, Caps and Notions by joe lisboa

Hats, Caps and Notions is just this indie powerpop song, you know?

FX3 – Thrash by jake

FX3 – Thrash is awesome 16-bit game music. I want to play this game! Sadly, it doesn’t exist.

’79 chevy by waxboy

’79 chevy is quiet & low-key. It’s a charming, bluesy instrumental.

heir to the would-have-beens by waxboy

heir to the would-have-beens is a jazzy, instrumental piece.

Jesus Etc. by kdern

kdern covered Wilco’s Jesus Etc., a melancholy track with comforting lyrics, stripping it down to a singer & an acoustic guitar.

Revenge by The Great Big Mulp

Revenge is a very orchestratedly odd song, with the first mentions so far of “mayonnaise” & “dodecahedral.” It feels like a decent song to end the week with.

bp vs oscillator707 by Blazecock Pileon

bp vs oscillator707 is a lovely, short, & ambient lullaby.

Untitled in 5 by buriednexttoyou

Untitled in 5 is droning electronica, with an acoustic guitar.

The Rain Expedition by chimaera

The Rain Expedition is a quiet, atmospheric electronica piece.

Keep Your Hands by djamiem

Keep Your Hands is a new dance remix of a song by a girl group from the sixties. It’s happy & poppy.

184rtm by distrakted

184rtm is upbeat, instrumental electronica. I like distrakted’s work – it evokes an atmosphere.

kirs by distrakted

kirs is an instrumental electronica song that’s I find moving – it’s by turns melancholic & hopeful.

slow happy south by RobertFrost

slow happy south is an electronic song with a banjo (!), loopy, & laid back. Give it a minute to warm up.

Ever So Lonely Eyes by Sheila Chandra (Tragic Tech ReMix) by mrmojoflying

Ever So Lonely Eyes by Sheila Chandra (Tragic Tech ReMix) remixes an almost a capella track – the original version on Youtube – into a lovely trance song.

Little Orange Dinosaur by AgentRocket

Little Orange Dinosaur is a garage rock song about a childhood toy. It’s a happy song that makes me smile.

Regis11 by distrakted

Regis11 has quiet, noodling instruments, with breakbeat drums.

An Urgent Intimacy Awash Their Hearts by phylum sinter

An Urgent Intimacy Awash Their Hearts has acoustic & glitch traits. It’s a canon, somewhat meditative in its repetition.

This is the second track I’ve posted from phylum sinter – see his tag here for more.

A beginning and an end by xmutex

A beginning and an end is an ambient track with an ominous atmosphere.

Precis by mrmojoflying

Precis is a trance track with decent momentum.