Monthly Archives: July 2013

Passing You By by p3t3

Passing You By is a mellow instrumental electronica song, with layers of skittering percussion, whistling synths, and mellow synths. It’s pretty and soothing.

Movie Credits instrumental by Greynaab

Movie Credits instrumental is atmospheric slow spacy spooky instrumental piece. With strings. Sibilance.

Craftwork by cloeburner

Craftwork is “Kraftwerk-esque dubstep.” It’s got the tinny overdriven bass of dub, the wobbly bass of dubstep, and the metronomic and lovely parts of Kraftwerk.

Road To Nowhere by waraw

Road To Nowhere is an a cappella cover of the classic New Wave song by Talking Heads. All of the layers, instruments included, are based on waraw’s vocals.

Les Mondes Englotuis by gmm

Les Mondes Englotuis is a cover of the theme to an 80’s cartoon, known in the States as “Spartakus And The Sun Beneath The Sea.” The cover is bouncy synthpop, with cheesy squeaky synths, arpeggios, and robots singing in French. It’s also largely chiptune-ish.

The intro’s on Youtube, in its original French (warning: it’s very French and very 80’s) and the English version.

I Think You’re Alright (demo) by frenetic

I Think You’re Alright (demo) is a pretty great rock song. (Not a lovesong.) I like the groove of the bass guitar especially, and the touches of synth throughout.

Winter Wonderland by raisindebt

This one goes out to all the listeners in the Southern Hemisphere! Winter Wonderland is a sparse, downbeat, and pensive version of the holiday classic.

It was released in December 2009, but I like picturing it done recently, by someone in the midst of a heatwave, lacking the energy to do much more.

Let Me Know by clcapps

Let Me Know is a sweet little synthpop lovesong.

Jeff Buckley’s Ozark Melody by joetrip

Jeff Buckley’s Ozark Melody is a goofy bluegrass song about aliens, which is a lot more fun than I expected, really. I’m happily surprised that a mefite worked with Jeff Buckley.

The Undiscovered Country Song by saulgoodman

The Undiscovered Country Song is an acoustic laid-back alt-country song, about closeness and separation.

I have a soft spot for the piano, and I also love the cello here, and the layered chaos that wraps it up.

Our Town by Greynaab

Our Town is sort of laid-back video game music – I think it’s pretty, and minimalistic, and the metronomic pace to be entrancing and hypnotic.

This is Greynaab’s first track here!

arrested development by raisindebt

arrested development is an electronic rock song, the story of a man only able to communicate via the means of the titles of pop culture artifacts.

Robot Army by gmm

Robot Army is an upbeat electronica song, like a soundtrack to a video of a cute robot marching with determination. It’s bleeps and bloops and glitchy.

I think I’ve loved all of gmm’s music. Seriously.

Aether by googly

Aether is a lovely quiet shoegazer tune, with atmospheric guitars, and a somewhat hypnotic bassline.

Home (a sketch) by punkbitch

Home (a sketch) is a folk rock song. Lots of acoustic guitar strumming, and reaching for high notes.

This is punkbitch’s first appearance here!

Oh Balloon Boy by cortex

Oh Balloon Boy is a raucous lofi pop rock song. The lyrics are from mikepop (first song here!), and the rest from cortex. The song’s based on the balloon boy hoax of October 2009. I feel like I should have some useful tag for music drawn from real-life events. News? Non-fiction, perhaps? “Reality” sounds ridiculous here.

Edit: If you’re wondering where he went, Falcon “Balloon Boy” Heene surfaced earlier this year in a very young metal band.

Best of the Web by ocherdraco

Oh! My! Gawd! Becky! Best of the Web is ocherdraco’s ode to Metafilter, sung over “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot, the hip-hop anthem for big butts.

The Life of Perfect Creatures by chimaera

The Life of Perfect Creatures is a rock song, with a wall of guitars, about Laika, the dog cosmonaut.

Space Gait by cloeburner

Space Gait is a spacy and minimal electronic tune, layered with different rhythms, drifting into and out of sync.

Goodbye Horses by frenetic

Goodbye Horses is an electronic rock cover of the Q Lazzarus song, popularized by “Silence of the Lambs.”

Happy 4th of July!

gravity by kimyo

gravity is some laidback woman-fronted trip-hop. It’s from frequent guests kimyo and his band Hot Bitch Arsenal, who last showed up here a year ago.

Last Saturday was Metafilter Music’s seventh birthday! Yay! *blows a party horn, throws confetti in the air*

Benny Ain’t a Thang by orville sash

Benny Ain’t a Thang is a hip-hop and pop-jazz mashup – “Money Ain’t a Thang” by Jay-Z and “Yakety Sax” by Boots Randolph, well-known as “The Benny Hill Song.” It’s NSFW and bouncy and happy and oh yes an earworm.

Sleep in the temple by american caesar

Sleep in the temple is a sorta honkytonk cover of Prince’s “Thieves in the Temple.” I like the harmonica work here. This is american caesar’s first appearance on the podcast.