Monthly Archives: March 2012

Flyball’s Lament (the cover one) by ORthey

Flyball’s Lament (the cover one) is a cover of The Great Big Mulp’s “Flyball’s Lament” (previously). This is a minimal and folkish cover, with frequent guest ORthey singing and playing a guitar or two – one’s his resonator guitar (previously), which is bluegrass-ish.

Into the Night by speicus

Into the Night is a cheesy synthpop cover of “I Think We’re Alone Now,” originally done by Tommy James & the Shondells (1967) and covered by Tiffany (1987).

bond by 31d1

bond is atmospheric instrumental music – it’s good background music, with a slow build, but not too intrusive.

You Haven’t Done Nothin’ (Plump Mix) by ageispolis

You Haven’t Done Nothin’ (Plump Mix) is a tighter remix of the politically aware 1974 Stevie Wonder original. So funky.

I’m experimenting with podcast tags a bit. Let me know what you think!

Thorns on the Heartstrings by Vicarious

Thorns on the Heartstrings is a slightly dark electronica song, brooding, slow-paced, & pulsing in an industrial way; over midway through, it turns in an acid techno direction – which is to say, it reminds me of that song from “Blade,” in a good way.

The Book of Love by sleepy pete

The Book of Love is sleepy pete & melissa may, as The Harvey Girls (previously), covering a song by The Magnetic Fields, which is altogether lovely & charming. <3

‘Til We’re Dead by inoculatedcities

‘Til We’re Dead is a lovely indie pop song, with harmonizing backup vocals, a Hammond organ, and a celesta. And then some odd lyrics, including “just to keep our brains inside our heads,” which lyrics – along with the general melody – got stuck in my head, as earworms do.

This is song #300 here!

Wave by stubby phillips

Wave is a very mellow acoustic song. It’s fairly simple, and not overly intricate.

Jam back in the house by TwoWordReview

Jam back in the house is a lovely instrumental song – an guitar with looping, done in one take.

It’s going to be a fairly mellow week here, I think.

boing by stubby phillips

boing is an intricate & relaxing instrumental song, a duet between two acoustic guitars.

Take On Me (a cappella cover) by cortex

Take On Me (a cappella cover) is not faithful to the original, but it’s hilarious & really entertaining.

I’ll call those off-kilter covers.

Fault Lines by chimaera

Fault Lines is a rolling, dance, electronica, and synthpoppy song.

Edit: Oops! I’ve been a little sick this week, & I forgot to post the mp3 to the blog for this and one other song. It’s fixed now!

Kick Start by 23skidoo

Kick Start is an adult version of an alphabet song. It’s just 23skidoo and his guitar – happy, pretty uncomplicated pop.

All The Things… by nthdegx

All The Things… (…I’ve Stuck up my Arse, Ode to an A&E Nurse) (the full title) is a drum’n’bass song, with a leisurely acoustic guitar, and drums & synths that roll along with speed. nthdegx has appeared on the podcast before.

The title might refer to a thread or two that discuss foreign bodies inserted into various bodily openings, via hospital reports, with the “explanations” of “I don’t know how it got up there, honest!”

Edit, 2012-03-15 – Oops! I’ve been a little sick this week, & I forgot to post the mp3 to the blog for this song & today’s. It’s fixed now!

Afternoon Date by blinks

Afternoon Date is an instrumental piece – it’s laid-back & mellow, but with an lovely & slow build.

While the City Sleeps by god particle

While the City Sleeps is glorious techno, with fuzzy bass & a momentous, rolling beat.

You and Me by johanze

You and Me is smooth, acoustic, and girl-fronted pop.

Don’t Rely on the Radio by 6am

Don’t Rely on the Radio is a spare garage rock song. I agree with the message, & if you’re listening to this podcast, you probably do too. :)

This is 6am’s only posted track to Metafilter, but he has a Myspace page.

In Piles/On File by 2or3whiskeysodas

In Piles/On File is a fun & bouncy sorta surf rock tune. It’s 2or3whiskeysodas’s only posted track to date.

When We Were Small by Karlos the Jackal

When We Were Small is a downtempo but mellow song – a strummed autoharp, and a marimba – with lyrics about looking back on childhood as if from a great distance.

My Fire by pedmands

My Fire is a simple & clean classic pop song, harmonizing & mellow.

Some Time To Myself by toekneebullard

Some Time To Myself is a chill, slow-moving ambient track. The repetition is sorta hypnotic & soothing.