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Waltz #2 by chococat

Waltz #2 is a pretty if downbeat acoustic ballad, with lovely harmonizing.

It’s a cover of a Elliott Smith tune. The lyrics, and the biographical details behind them, are dark.

womankind by edlundart

womankind is a slow and sincere ballad to the awesomeness of women. It’s acoustic; melodica, piano, and the lap steel that I love.

Follow Alexandria by multivalent

Follow Alexandria is a cool and acoustic “indie folk” song, with guitar and ukelele. This band hails from Glasgow.

Cold Dip by Corduroy

Cold Dip is a cool folksy acoustic song, with harmonizing. I find it pleasantly relaxing.

Trampoline by chillmost

Trampoline is an acoustic ballad. I love the sound of the guitar here – it sounds like a steel guitar, with the reverb that makes me think of the desert.

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by unSane

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face is a more uptempo cover of the song popularized by Roberta Flack, recently covered here by NemesisVex. The uptempo is more like the real first version – like The Kingston Trio, or Mary Travers, of Peter, Paul and Mary. Although this is more uptempo, it’s still folk, with an acoustic guitar.

Duck Fat by Dalton

Duck Fat (note: one nsfw word in lyrics) is an acoustic pop song that’s about how awesome cooking with duck fat is. This is the second and latest song that Dalton’s posted, and both made it to the podcast. (The first was Secular Humanist Love Song.)

It’s fitting to have a song about cooking today. Happy American Thanksgiving!

Edit: Want another Thanksgiving song? Try Tryptophantastic by sleepy pete, previously on the podcast. It’s a lofi garage rock song, loud and distorted. It’s lyrically thematically appropriate, at least.

We are gonna be friends by Corduroy

We are gonna be friends is a pretty faithful cover of The White Stripes song, similarly acoustic and folkish. It’s a warm song about childhood friendships.

running into by IngeChiles

running into is a lovely and minimal song – just IngeChiles singing with her ukelele.

Wuthering Heights by MaiaMadness

Wuthering Heights is an acoustic version of the Kate Bush song. It’s sort of unplugged, and sparser than the original track.

Seventeen Below by unSane

Seventeen Below is a pretty, wintry acoustic indie ballad.

This is unSane’s first appearance, and definitely not the last!

Dead Man’s Will by Corduroy

Trigger warning: Mortality.

Dead Man’s Will is a slow, pretty, and sad folk song, a cover of a Iron and Wine / Calexico tune, which has sorta depressing lyrics.

At the Drive-In by frecklefaerie

At the Drive-In is a pretty, earnest, gender-bending, and acoustic take on Poison’s “Talk Dirty to Me.”

With the remixes and covers, I’ve gone back and added tags for the decades: 1930s (2 songs), 1940s (1), 1950s (2), 1960s (20), 1970s (13), 1980s (27), 1990s (17), and 2000s (23). There’s nothing under the 2010s yet, as we’re only five months into 2010 in the podcast.

You Got It by cortex

You Got It is a raucous bluegrass Roy Orbison cover.

Jesus Buys Me Cigarettes by RokkitNite

Jesus Buys Me Cigarettes is a jaunty ukelele-backed tune about the teenaged hijinks of Jesus.

Cendricero by micayetoca

Cendricero is a lovely and mellow Caribbean-flavored tune, with unusual stringed instruments. It’s one of the rare non-English songs to appear here.

Cherry Camp by baxter_ilion

Cherry Camp is a breezy folk song about a summer camp.

Red River Valley by IngeChiles

Red River Valley is a sweet old cowboy song, with nice harmonizing between IngeChiles and her sister, backed by a ukelele.

It’s IngeChiles’ first appearance here!

So We’ll Go No More A-Roving by ZsigE

So We’ll Go No More A-Roving is a folk song about the fading of love, with lyrics drawn from a Lord Byron poem. It’s still sweet and pretty. It’s ZsigE’s first appearance here!

Time To Get Up by Corduroy

Time To Get Up is a beautiful and epic sort of acoustic indie pop song, with a great build, both sorta downbeat yet determined to keep going, with some cool harmonizing.

Affording Good Beheadings by cortex

Affording Good Beheadings is a poppy song in part about ritual suicide, backed by a ukelele and with backup singing also by cortex.

It’s Mefi Music song #4000!

The Bottom Falls Out of the Clouds (demoriffic version) by rangefinder 1.4

The Bottom Falls Out of the Clouds (demoriffic version) is an acoustic and folk cover of a song from cortex. It’s sort of pretty, and slow, not downbeat exactly, but enjoying a rainy day.

the vase (demo) by edlundart

the vase is a stripped-down acoustic demo of a song, just an acoustic guitar and a guy sometimes singing in falsetto.

When You’re Out of My Mind by Saellys

When You’re Out of My Mind is an acoustic lovesong, with some lovely harmonizing.

Irish Waltz by Admira

Irish Waltz is another lovely classical guitar piece from Admira. It moves along quickly.

Harpy Go Lurky by ORthey

Harpy Go Lurky is a light-hearted and quick-moving banjo and acoustic guitar song.

Shutterbug by ludwig_van

Shutterbug is a pop song about grabbing the all-too-ephemeral moment.

Dammit: Reprise by tmcw

Dammit: Reprise is tmcw’s second try at covering Blink 182’s song; his first take was also featured here. It’s a warm, friendly, and acoustic take.

Crazy by Galvatron

Crazy is a cover of the Gnarls Barkley song, using just an acoustic guitar for accompaniment.

Watching the Detectives by chococat

Watching the Detectives is a lovely take on the Elvis Costello classic – acoustic, but with a touch of reggae in the background.

Sorry for the delay! I lost track of the queue of songs I’d posted, and Metric’s new “Synthetica” album has grabbed me and won’t let go. I highly recommend it!

Here comes your man by ORthey

Here comes your man is ORthey’s cover of the classic Pixies tune, as an acoustic folky tune with some adroit guitar fingerpicking.

Edit: Oops, I didn’t include the MP3. I’ll say this is the post for today and tomorrow.

Purepechazz by micayetoca

Purepechazz is a mellow jazz piece, revolving around an acoustic guitar, mostly wordless and then not in English.

Wish You Were Here by backseatpilot

Wish You Were Here is a stripped-down, entirely acoustic cover of the Pink Floyd song. I think it’s cool that this was the first recording backseatpilot ever made, after a year of guitar practice.

Certain Death by frenetic

Certain Death is an acoustic pop rock song.

Take Five by danb

Take Five is a cover of the Paul Desmond song, done capably with two acoustic guitars. It’s originally performed by The Dave Brubeck Quartet.

Pacific Street by eyeballkid

Pacific Street is eyeballkid’s cover of a song from indie folk-rock band, Hem. It’s spare, just a guy and his guitar.

Whiskey Pearl by mediocre

Whiskey Pearl is a fun acoustic bluegrass tune, with the focus on intricate banjo work.

Whispers by dobie

Whispers is a charming lofi folk song, about the aftermath of a nearby car accident, with onlookers and someone who gravitated toward the ready audience. It’s part of an unofficial Music challenge, recorded on a laptop’s built-in microphones.

Bob-omb Battlefield by danb

Bob-omb Battlefield is a cover of video game music, specifically from Super Mario N64. It’s not a chiptune, though; it’s done with a couple of acoustic guitars.

Don’t Talk To The Cops by arcanecrowbar

Don’t Talk To The Cops is a NSFW, educational folk / country song. I like the harmonizing!