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Viral by Babblesort

Viral is some relatively spare electronica, with a synth line and percussion; it works as background music, or a soundtrack. It sort of rolls along.

It samples a speech from “The Matrix” and a commentary for “Brazil.”

Happy Bunny by ageispolis

Happy Bunny is a fun dance song, with a few layers – a staccato synthetic gamelan, a cosmic boing, and other synths galore. I like its metronomic rhythm.

one last breath by dacre

one last breath is a synthpop cover of a song by, uh, Creed (warning: Creed). This is a fun dancy electronica song.

tickle by sleepy pete

tickle is a loopy, and instrumental electronica song, with synths and acoustic guitar. It’s got a nice build to it.

Outside #2 by azarbayejani

Outside #2 is a dancier remix of an ambient song. It’s very chill and relaxing. It’s based on “Do While” by Oval, a glitchy loopy track.

Aim by azarbayejani

Aim is a multi-layered ambient electronica piece, which I find soothing.

For Now by onehalfjunco

For Now is a dreamy, soothing, intrumental electronica piece. It’s lovely and chill.

Abstract Placidity by acb

Abstract Placidity is a mellow minimal, nearly ambient electronica song. It’s spacy laid-back instrumental background music.

Edit: It’s acb’s first appearance here!

Syncopia by lord_yo

Syncopia is some nice instrumental electronica. It was called moody and dark in the thread, and I just know that it makes me space out for a couple of minutes whenever I listen to it.

Alien Rocket Skateboard Cat by CarrotAdventure

Alien Rocket Skateboard Cat is some relentlessly upbeat synthpoppy electronica.

gallion’s reach by peterkins

gallion’s reach is a dreamy and sedate bit of ambient electronica.

Alone by dunkadunc

Alone is an upbeat instrumental synthpop song, with a kinda clubfooted beat and keyboards with a flexible pitch – which is portamento, the word of the day!

Eggys or Eyren? by malthas

Eggys or Eyren? is a kind of metronomic song, seemingly driven by clockwork and repeating loops. I like the drum machine, and the looping keyboards. It’s hypnotic and soothing.

up all night by dunkadunc

up all night is a dreamy synthpop song with a layer of stabbing synths.

Lady Ghostess Von Frost by gmm

Lady Ghostess Von Frost is an atmospheric, dancy song, with layers and builds. It’s uplifting.

It’s the last song gmm posted, and every single song he posted has been excellent.

Broken, soundtrack for the future. by blinks

Broken, soundtrack for the future. is an instrumental electronica track, all tinkly piano. It builds with loops – some soothing strings, and a slow groove bassline, and the piano, and it’s soothing and hypnotic.

never coming back by dunkadunc

never coming back is a rocking electronic song. It would work well as a soundtrack to a racing game.

Energy by azarbayejani

Energy is a dreamy and minimal piece of electronica. It’s spacy and ambient. It has atmosphere and layers that drift out of sync with each other. It’s lovely!

Quantum Shift by Babblesort

Quantum Shift is a mellow and spacy bit of semi-ambient instrumental electronica.

A Number Another Summer by The World Famous

A Number Another Summer has guitars with lots of reverb, and layers of synths, both throbbing and gently washing. The description calls out The Cure, Disintegration-era, but it stands well by itself.

Passing You By by p3t3

Passing You By is a mellow instrumental electronica song, with layers of skittering percussion, whistling synths, and mellow synths. It’s pretty and soothing.

Robot Army by gmm

Robot Army is an upbeat electronica song, like a soundtrack to a video of a cute robot marching with determination. It’s bleeps and bloops and glitchy.

I think I’ve loved all of gmm’s music. Seriously.

modified block format by ropeladder

modified block format is a head-nodding sort of electronica song; it’s instrumental, with an eerie synth, piano, and glitch as percussion. It has a nice build.

Robot Bambi Finds His Mother by CarrotAdventure

Robot Bambi Finds His Mother is an upbeat instrumental dancy synthpop song, with layers of quickly trilling synths and relatively slower bits. I like the interplay between those layers.

Sleep, Finally by azarbayejani

Sleep, Finally is a mellow electronica song, with a long quiet build and intro. It’s dreamlike.

Whoops, I didn’t hit post! This is the song for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Maria…Lorianne… (part one) by fuq

Maria…Lorianne… (part one) is a spacy breakbeat and ambient song.

Introvertigo by gmm

Introvertigo is a somewhat discordant and disconcerting bit of instrumental electronica – picture a tape player with a speed control that sways a bit. A bit glitchy.

Halcyon+off (fm campers remix) by Espoo2

Halcyon+off (fm campers remix) is a remix of the classic Orbital track “Halcyon + On + On” (also note: hey, Orbital’s on SoundCloud!). It’s kind of beautiful dreamy and spacy trance, and it knocks me out every time. And yes I’m probably biased because I love the original so much.

This is the first appearance of Orbital and of Espoo2 on the podcast.

Beach Songs by azarbayejani

Beach Songs is a chill instrumental electronica track with a pulsing foreground, similar to Trinity.

HoverBoardzzzz by CarrotAdventure

HoverBoardzzzz is cheerful videogame music – with guitar and noodly synths, it’s upbeat and instrumental electronica.

Barnyard Friends by CarrotAdventure

Barnyard Friends is upbeat and dancy instrumental electronica.

Mister Blister by cloeburner

Mister Blister is an electronica song that’s dense and layered with noodly synths. cloeburner cited Dan Deacon in the description, and I see the influence and love Dan Deacon, so.

A Plankton Affair by gmm

A Plankton Affair is some awesome chill-out instrumental electronica – piano over a sometimes stuttery bassline.

FutureDance by CarrotAdventure

FutureDance is another track from CarrotAdventure, who does great bouncy synthpop / chiptunes. This one’s kinda Italo.

Kingsfold by nthdegx

Kingsfold is an electronic cover of an old folk song, which contributed the tune to a few hymns. This is a noodly and sorta relentless version.

I am looking for a used car. by mintcake!

I am looking for a used car. is a dancy electronica song, with some unusual vocal samples drawn from a call-in line for the podcast around the tenth anniversary.

By way of limited explanation: Fred was looking for a used car, and that’s Faint of Butt reading Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky.”

Enceladus by surrendering monkey

Enceladus is a synthy bit of electronica. Think of Vangelis and Tangerine Dream.

ruido jabb hat by konono

ruido jabb hat is a “simple disco track,” with a glitchy, distorted, fuzzy, and overdriven groove. It’s danceable.

(Saturday Night And) Sunday Morning by MajorDundee

(Saturday Night And) Sunday Morning is an irreverent dancy Eurodisco remix of Sunday Morning, the Velvet Underground song.

Island Party by CarrotAdventure

Island Party is a happy and bouncy synthpop / chiptune track!