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Happy Bunny by ageispolis

Happy Bunny is a fun dance song, with a few layers – a staccato synthetic gamelan, a cosmic boing, and other synths galore. I like its metronomic rhythm.

Rainbow Man (Colours Mix) by ageispolis

Rainbow Man (Colours Mix) is an electro / hip-hop mashup – specifically, Busy P’s “Rainbow Man” and Beastie Boys’ “That’s It That’s All.”

tetris (intel+dubstepmix) by ageispolis

tetris (intel+dubstepmix) is a remix of the Tetris theme, including a sample from Intel ads. It had me at “Tetris.”

You Haven’t Done Nothin’ (Plump Mix) by ageispolis

You Haven’t Done Nothin’ (Plump Mix) is a tighter remix of the politically aware 1974 Stevie Wonder original. So funky.

I’m experimenting with podcast tags a bit. Let me know what you think!

Daniel Day-Lewis by ageispolis

Daniel Day-Lewis is some upbeat electronica – there’s a catchy undertow to the bassy synths.

Show Me A Better Future by ageispolis

Show Me A Better Future is a bouncy techno song, with sorta breakbeat shifts in tempo.

Edit: I belatedly noticed that this is the 200th song posted here. Woot!

2 WINTERCUTS by ageispolis

2 WINTERCUTS is sorta two tracks, but I prefer to think of it as having a two-minute intro. :) They’re instrumental except for samples – first, some constantly shifting electro, and second, some head-bobbing electronica, with smooth synths and staccato drums.

My Dancing May Assassinate by ageispolis

My Dancing May Assassinate is a noodly, head-bobbing, minimal, and chill piece of jazz electronica.

(all hype) by ageispolis

(all hype) is a slamming dance track. It’s all bass and tight loops and equalizer-fading, more than a little like Daft Punk, for example.

I Wish by ageispolis

Oh man that funky bassline YES!

I Wish remixes Stevie Wonder’s song, and it thickens up the awesome starting riff.

a_hallo wee n_ +tre at by ageispolis

a_hallo wee n_ +tre at is a bouncy retro electro treat, with staccato synths, and samples of Christopher Walken.

it can happen to you by ageispolis

it can happen to you slices, loops, and remixes Mozart’s 25th into a mellow hip-hop song.

Illegal But Legitimate by ageispolis

Illegal But Legitimate is quick-moving, noodly drum and bass.

I Like Hat by ageispolis

I Like Hat is a catchy song, with beatboxing, synths, and fembot vocals reciting absurd lyrics.

American Dreams by ageispolis

American Dreams mixes Rage Against the Machine, Interpol, and Super Mario music, into a dance / hip-hop song.

Happy Fourth of July!

Elfrita the Landlord by ageispolis

Elfrita the Landlord is an awesomely bouncy house song.

The Biggie Blues by ageispolis

The Biggie Blues is fun hip-hop, remixing Notorious B.I.G. with glitchy samples.

Lufthansa by ageispolis

Lufthansa is an instrumental electronica song that often abruptly switches gears – it shifts from build-up to chill out, and back, and out.

Au Courant by ageispolis

Au Courant is an synth-filled, electronica song that’s mostly in English, not French, despite the title.

And that concludes the week of ageispolis.

The Reddish Egret by ageispolis

The Reddish Egret is an upbeat, synth-filled, electronica song inspired by a bird.

Plckrfckr by ageispolis

Plckrfckr starts off with robot swearing, then kicks more ass.

(Continuing the week of ageispolis.)

Radio Panda by ageispolis

Radio Panda is a nice, quick-moving, techno track. It marks the third song in a week that I’ve posted from ageispolis, due to 1. the strictly chronological order that I’m posting in, and 2. ageispolis is awesome.

In fact, a week of ageispolis sounds like fun.

Acidspit13 by ageispolis

Acidspit13 is an excellent dancable electronica track, with multiple layers of rhythm.

Concerta Helps You Concentrate by ageispolis

Concerta Helps You Concentrate is a really quick-moving piece of electronica. Speedy, even.