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Divergence by csimpkins

Divergence is a downtempo electronica song, with layered synths. It putters along nicely.

In the discussion, csimpkins offered suggestions on how to start making music like this.

Floating by csimpkins

Floating is a lovely, contemplative and downtempo song.

Little Red Corvette by chococat

Little Red Corvette is a fun rockabilly cover of the Prince song.

dreamsleepwake by Cat Pie Hurts

dreamsleepwake is spacy, sorta-noodly sorta-minimalist electronica. It’s like a night of sleep – cycling between calm and spacy, and more exciting dreams.

Teens In Love In Space by CarrotAdventure

Teens In Love In Space is a happy electropop tune – lots of synths.

Watching the Detectives by chococat

Watching the Detectives is a lovely take on the Elvis Costello classic – acoustic, but with a touch of reggae in the background.

Sorry for the delay! I lost track of the queue of songs I’d posted, and Metric’s new “Synthetica” album has grabbed me and won’t let go. I highly recommend it!

DanceDanceDanceDanceDance (Part I) by CarrotAdventure

DanceDanceDanceDanceDance (Part I) is happy bouncy synthpop, just impossibly quick-moving synths and there’s something about it that makes using punctuation like commas difficult because like I would have to mentally pause a beat and that just doesn’t fit this song like at all.

Go Gadget, Go! by csimpkins

Go Gadget, Go! is an instrumental, upbeat, and jazzy cover of the Inspector Gadget theme song, which is in turn inspired by Edvard Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King.”

Spin Dash by CarrotAdventure

Spin Dash sounds like the soundtrack to a Sonic the Hedgehog game: funky synths, instrumental, the samples from gathering rings. It’s a happy and bouncy song.

Junior by azarbayejani

Junior is a noodly electronica piece, centered on a vocal sample which becomes this haunting wobbly instrument.

Here comes your man by ORthey

Here comes your man is ORthey’s cover of the classic Pixies tune, as an acoustic folky tune with some adroit guitar fingerpicking.

Edit: Oops, I didn’t include the MP3. I’ll say this is the post for today and tomorrow.

Cancao de amor by micayetoca

Canção de amor is micayetoca’s cover of The Cure’s “Lovesong,” in Portuguese. It’s a gothic love ballad, and this is a bit stripped-down and lovely.

There were a lot of covers in November 2008, thanks to threads that spawned a sorta-unofficial Music Challenge. More of those will be coming up!

The Up-and-Out by doubtfulpalace

The Up-and-Out is a glitch / IDM track, which starts with minimalistic bleeps and bloops, but builds into a much more interesting and sweeping song. The instrument that appears later isn’t bagpipes – it’s something called a crumhorn, which I hadn’t heard of before.

And, this is song #400!

Love Me Tender by BrnP84

Love Me Tender is a short, sweet, cute, and twee cover of the Elvis song, with a ukelele.

Create (original mix) by dunkadunc

Create (original mix) is a dancy, spacy, and droney bit of instrumental electronica.

JMC (Election Remix) by Aquaman

JMC (Election Remix) tells a short story, in an experimental way, by a 7-piece band. It’s told after the 2008 election, but it was posted the week before.

It’s the second of two tracks that Aquaman has posted to Mefi Music, and the first one I’ve posted here.

Criminal (TTP Remix) by god particle

Criminal (TTP Remix) is an industrial remix of the original song by The Roots. The original is jazzy hip-hop; this is a much more aggressive techno version, which matches the lyrics better.

Saltines Assemble! by doubtfulpalace

Saltines Assemble! is a glitchy bit of intelligent dance music – it’s lovely and dancy electronica.

It’s doubtfulpalace’s second song on Mefi Music, & their first song here!

Shut Up, Throw Up (Your Hands) by god particle

Shut Up, Throw Up (Your Hands) is just this catchy and fun techno/electro song, fuzzy synth, danciness and all.

You Do by azarbayejani

You Do is a sad chiptune song – an instrumental, deliberately paced, and pretty electronica song.

Creature From the Deep by uncleozzy

Creature from the Deep is a head-bobbing retro pop song, like the Monster Mash and the flexi discs off of cereal boxes.

vicodin casio by sleepy pete

vicodin casio is a meaty and eclectic smorgasbord of a song, experimental, dancy, and poppy. It’s mellow and noodly, with atmosphere and intricate layering of more instruments than the two-person cast of the Harvey Girls (previously) have any rights to just casually throw around like this, man.