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Honesty by azarbayejani

Honesty is a minimalistic electronic track – semi-ambient, as it has rhythms, but it’s instrumental and relaxing. It’s good background music.

Outside #2 by azarbayejani

Outside #2 is a dancier remix of an ambient song. It’s very chill and relaxing. It’s based on “Do While” by Oval, a glitchy loopy track.

Aim by azarbayejani

Aim is a multi-layered ambient electronica piece, which I find soothing.

Energy by azarbayejani

Energy is a dreamy and minimal piece of electronica. It’s spacy and ambient. It has atmosphere and layers that drift out of sync with each other. It’s lovely!

Sleep, Finally by azarbayejani

Sleep, Finally is a mellow electronica song, with a long quiet build and intro. It’s dreamlike.

Whoops, I didn’t hit post! This is the song for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Beach Songs by azarbayejani

Beach Songs is a chill instrumental electronica track with a pulsing foreground, similar to Trinity.

Castles by azarbayejani

Castles is an instrumental electronic remix of Bach’s Prelude in G, based on a performance by Pablo Casals.

Friday by azarbayejani

Friday is a very chill, often ambient, tune from frequent guest azarbayejani. It feels like something winding down.

Mountains by azarbayejani

Mountains is another electronica track with trilling dronish synths, which remind me of Dan Deacon. It feels catchy and danceable to me – it’s happy and triumphant with a nice build.

I’ll just use “trilling” as the applicable tag.

Radio by azarbayejani

Radio is a spacey electronica song, which then gets into gear with a tinkly and noodly synth.

Coming Back by azarbayejani

Coming Back is a happy and slow electronica song, with noodly synths over sleepy and dreamy synths.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the States!

1237AM by azarbayejani

1237AM is a trippy overdubbed song, electronica with an interestingly skewed rhythm and a fuzzy and filtered guitar. It’s evocative of the soundtrack of psychedelic desert trips in movies.

Girl Cave by azarbayejani

Girl Cave is minimal electronica, slowly drifting about a bit – ambient, but with a rhythm; there’s a spoken word sample, but otherwise instrumental. It’s somewhat head-nodding.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

We’re Animals. by azarbayejani

We’re Animals. is a nearly-ambient, instrumental piece; it’s partially glitchy and then just pretty and mellow.

Home by azarbayejani

Home is a spacy and chill tune.

Junior by azarbayejani

Junior is a noodly electronica piece, centered on a vocal sample which becomes this haunting wobbly instrument.

You Do by azarbayejani

You Do is a sad chiptune song – an instrumental, deliberately paced, and pretty electronica song.

Where We Live by azarbayejani

Where We Live is some very chill electronica, very mellow and minimalistic, pretty and ambient. It’s the second track azarbayejani posted to Mefi Music, and the first one I’ve posted here, but it won’t be the last!