Monthly Archives: October 2011

King of the Road by uncleozzy

Happy Halloween! King of the Road is a lofi punk version of the frequently covered Roger Miller country song.

Show Me A Better Future by ageispolis

Show Me A Better Future is a bouncy techno song, with sorta breakbeat shifts in tempo.

Edit: I belatedly noticed that this is the 200th song posted here. Woot!

Camaro Husk Part 2 by framedmistake

Camaro Husk Part 2 is an eclectic song – varying by turns, but I like the relaxing atmospheric bits. It works as soothing background for me.

If you like this, you might check out part 1, the only other song posted by framedmistake.

Tryptophantastic by sleepy pete

Tryptophantastic (2007 edit) is a lo-fi take on a Thanksgiving family gathering. It’s distorted – loud, warm, & fuzzy.

The sky was filled with rainbows by Xelf

The sky was filled with rainbows is a gentle, atmospheric song, primarily synth-based. It’s soothing, with a build.

2 WINTERCUTS by ageispolis

2 WINTERCUTS is sorta two tracks, but I prefer to think of it as having a two-minute intro. :) They’re instrumental except for samples – first, some constantly shifting electro, and second, some head-bobbing electronica, with smooth synths and staccato drums.

Cement floats. by nosila

Cement floats. has ethereal female singing in front of heavy, droning, and dissonant music.

So Does Everybody Else, Only Not So Much by ORthey

So Does Everybody Else, Only Not So Much is about an old man apologizing for repeating the same stories over and over, in an adaptation of an Ogden Nash poem.

Thanks for the Add (demo) by frenetic

Thanks for the Add is a fun and catchy dance track, with the bass cranked, distorted and farty-sounding. This song’s around four years old, from when Myspace was the dominant social network, with around twice as many monthly users as that upstart Facebook.

Mothers by Black_Umbrella

Mothers is epic and ethereal, with an awesome, slow build. The song’s tagged with a few bands, which I feel like exploring.

My Dancing May Assassinate by ageispolis

My Dancing May Assassinate is a noodly, head-bobbing, minimal, and chill piece of jazz electronica.

Faster Peach by melissa may

Faster Peach is a sorta shoegazer, poppy song from The Harvey Girls, previously.

King of Flesh and Bone by saulgoodman

King of Flesh and Bone is an indie rock song with introspective lyrics about the impulse to tear down. It’s from saulgoodman’s band Tangemeenie, who previously appeared here for underwater caves, a mellow atmospheric song. I like their genre-hopping – they’ll be here again.

Weighin’ me down by ORthey

I don’t think I realized my fondness for the banjo before I started this project. Weighin’ me down exploits that weakness, with banjo plucking and some French lyrics and warmth.

(all hype) by ageispolis

(all hype) is a slamming dance track. It’s all bass and tight loops and equalizer-fading, more than a little like Daft Punk, for example.

Jessamyn’s Song by snsranch

Jessamyn’s Song sounds like low-key lolling (as in idling) on a porch, lounging about, accompanied by banjo and whistling.

Happy by Karlos the Jackal

Happy is a fun, catchy, and bouncy song, though I like the somewhat dark vein. You know, like how the Magnetic Fields are sort of happily morose, if that makes any sense.

Staring at My Spaceship by jake

Staring at My Spaceship is a cute bossa nova chiptune.

Hopelessly Devoted to You by chococat

I remembered the movie Grease as being bubblegum pop songs about teenage love. chococat watched and paid attention to an oft-neglected song, and noticed that Hopelessly Devoted to You is actually sorta dark and stalker-ish, and made a cover that emphasized that aspect.

You can compare it to the original version. The lightness doesn’t quite shake the tone of the cover for me, but your mileage may vary.

I Wish by ageispolis

Oh man that funky bassline YES!

I Wish remixes Stevie Wonder’s song, and it thickens up the awesome starting riff.

Major Bounce by fingers_of_fire

Major Bounce is a cheerful instrumental song with a couple of layers of intricate guitar work.