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Bad Romance by ZsigE

Bad Romance is a one-man indie pop ukelele and synth cover of the Lady Gaga song, which I now recognize prefigures a couple of elements of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball video – namely, some nudity and the crying close-ups. Is this a stretch? Sure it is, but I felt like linking the Chatroulette version of the video. It’s like an early Christmas gift!

We are gonna be friends by Corduroy

We are gonna be friends is a pretty faithful cover of The White Stripes song, similarly acoustic and folkish. It’s a warm song about childhood friendships.

one last breath by dacre

one last breath is a synthpop cover of a song by, uh, Creed (warning: Creed). This is a fun dancy electronica song.

Dead Man’s Will by Corduroy

Trigger warning: Mortality.

Dead Man’s Will is a slow, pretty, and sad folk song, a cover of a Iron and Wine / Calexico tune, which has sorta depressing lyrics.

Kids by cortex

Kids is a lofi cover of a song by MGMT. It’s raucous and fun.

Mr Brightside by andysouthrop

Mr Brightside is an acoustic-ish relatively twee indie pop cover of the indie rock song by The Killers.

This is andysouthrop’s only posted song, and his only comments are on the thread for the song.

Hero by uncleozzy

Hero is a drunken stream-of-consciousness shambles of a cover of the Enrique Iglesias song. I find this much more amusing than I should.

Headless Horseman by Corduroy

Headless Horseman is a wistful ballad, driven by banjolele and guitar. It’s a bit more rocking than the original version by The Microphones.

This is shaping up as a week of remixes and remakes!

Booty Don’t by cloeburner

Booty Don’t is a spacy dubby remix that really (unrecognizably) works over the original, Booty Dew by GS Boyz (not recommended).

Seven Nation Army by grubi

Seven Nation Army is a power-pop cover of the White Stripes song, which I love. This cover was inspired by a post about various covers of the song, including a great one by the Flaming Lips.

Bertie (Blissout Mix) by CarrotAdventure

Bertie (Blissout Mix) is a happy, blissed-out & loopy dance remix of a Kate Bush song.

I Don’t Want to be Here by Devils Rancher

I Don’t Want to be Here is a cover of a britpop song by XTC’s Andy Partridge. It’s poppy rock, with some atmospheric guitars, catchy and layered.

Criminal (TTP Remix) by god particle

Criminal (TTP Remix) is an industrial remix of the original song by The Roots. The original is jazzy hip-hop; this is a much more aggressive techno version, which matches the lyrics better.

Reckoner (Sparkletone Bmore Slow Dance Remix) by sparkletone

Reckoner (Sparkletone Bmore Slow Dance Remix) is a simpler, slower, and prettier remix of a Radiohead song.

novocaine by bitterkitten

novocaine is a heavier-but-still danceable synth cover of the Green Day song, Give Me Novacaine (the spelling is intentionally different). I’ve had a soft spot for this song since the Dean Gray mashup, Novocaine Rhapsody.

FAIRWAY by NemesisVex

FAIRWAY is NemesisVex’s cover of a song from the Japanese pop band, SUPERCAR, all jangly guitars. The (translated) lyrics are enjoyably cryptic and contemplative.

Oops… I Did It Again by COBRA!

Oops… I Did It Again is an entertaining punk cover of the Britney Spears tune.

Pacific Street by eyeballkid

Pacific Street is eyeballkid’s cover of a song from indie folk-rock band, Hem. It’s spare, just a guy and his guitar.

Hey Ya by Galvatron

This is an oddly sorta reverent cover of Hey Ya – it’s a melancholy & a cappella rendering of the Outkast song, with harmonizing. Perhaps I should consider it irreverent for departing from the original.

The Book of Love by sleepy pete

The Book of Love is sleepy pete & melissa may, as The Harvey Girls (previously), covering a song by The Magnetic Fields, which is altogether lovely & charming. <3

Bird Stealing Bread by Corduroy

Bird Stealing Bread is an Iron and Wine cover, mellow and remembering past sunny days.

See you in 2012!

Foundations by goodnewsfortheinsane

Foundations is a genderbending Kate Nash cover. It’s sort of a neurotic, Livejournal-ish song, with a distinctive voice (and accent).

Reno Dakota by revfitz

Reno Dakota is a sort of indie rock cover of a Magnetic Fields song.

I Am John by goodnewsfortheinsane

I Am John is a pretty acoustic cover from goodnewsfortheinsane, originally from Loney Dear. It’s the first song here tagged with melodica or glockenspiel.

Hide and Seek by The White Hat

Hide and Seek is a pretty acoustic guitar cover of an Imogen Heap song. The White Hat and I were both introduced to the song by the Dear Sister meme in the previous month, spawned by a The Lonely Island / Saturday Night Live short.

Bang Camaro – Push Push (DJ Die Young Bootleg Mix) by djamiem

DJ Die Young’s remix of Bang Camaro’s Push Push provides an energetic, electro start to the week.

Jesus Etc. by kdern

kdern covered Wilco’s Jesus Etc., a melancholy track with comforting lyrics, stripping it down to a singer & an acoustic guitar.