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People Got to Be Free by chococat

People Got to Be Free is a Moog-based 80’s synthpop take on the 1960’s song by The Rascals, like that crossed with the krautrock of Kraftwerk’s “The Model.”

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye by not_on_display

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye is a fun and goofy cover of the Steam song, as heard at sporting events everywhere. There was a Music Challenge for the number one song when you were born, and so there more off-kilter covers are on the way!

Really Bad Moon Rising by Jenkiins

Really Bad Moon Rising is a hilariously lofi take on the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic rock song. This version has only an accordion and ukelele as instrumentation. And by “lofi,” I mean, it was done in one take from a laptop’s built-in mic.

Downtown by goodnewsfortheinsane

Downtown is a slow drudge rock version of the 1964 song, written by Tony Hatch, performed by Petula Clark, and covered many, many times. It’s not cheerful, and it’s melancholic and heavy, but not too heavy.

Heroin by uncleozzy

Heroin is uncleozzy’s straightforward rock take on the Velvet Underground song.

Femme Fatale by cortex

Femme Fatale is cortex’s piano rock / garage rock cover of the Velvet Underground song. It’s his second shot at it; his first take involved a Christopher Walken impression, which also makes a secret appearance in the background here.

Case Study #3 by davejay

Case Study #3 is a loopy trip-hop song based on samples from a 1960’s LSD PSA from Lockheed, which had lush instrumentation and trippy oil projection visuals and a really delightful story about LSD and hot dogs and a musical sting befitting a True Tale of Hot Dog Murder!

I fell into kind of a drug PSA hole researching this and the thread linked from the song.

Heroin by chococat

Heroin is a garage rock cover of the Velvet Underground song, primarily singing and a guitar. (Though, there is a high-pitched drone.)

Sunday Morning by micayetoca

Sunday Morning is a mellow Caribbean take on the Velvet Underground song. The string instrument here is the cuatro; the genre is danzon; the whistling and percussion feel organic.

(Saturday Night And) Sunday Morning by MajorDundee

(Saturday Night And) Sunday Morning is an irreverent dancy Eurodisco remix of Sunday Morning, the Velvet Underground song.

European Son by criticalbill

European Son is a slowly shifting and a bit noodly and loopy and fiddly bit of music, with more noise and droning than usual for this podcast. It’s part of the Music Challenge; here’s the original, by the Velvet Underground.

Venus in Furs by dagosto

Venus in Furs is a mellow and jazzy cover of the droning Velvet Underground song. The instrument reminiscent of a steel drum or a xylophone is the mbira, which is new to me.

This is the first of the the Velvet Underground covers Music Challenge (playlist). You’ll be hearing a lot more from this challenge this week.

Then He Kissed Me (Ultra GAMELAN Mix!) by clcapps

Then He Kissed Me (Ultra GAMELAN Mix!) is poppy, with an organ and gamelan backing the singer. It’s a gender-bending cover of the song by The Crystals.

Linus and Lucifer by doubtfulpalace

Linus and Lucifer is a cover of Vince Guaraldi’s “Linus and Lucy,” from the Peanuts special, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” It’s electronica – more dark and intense and harsh, compared to the sweetness and light of the original. It’s still entertaining and fun, and you can still do Peanuts dances to it!

I’ve noodled with the website a bit – there’s now an HTML5 player for the individual songs, which works on mobile devices. Also, I put the Yahoo Webplayer on – look to the bottom left – so you can play all the songs on a page! So, you can hear, say, all the “instrumental” music, one page at a time. It requires Flash, for now.

My Generation Remix by Me, The Snake

My Generation Remix is a loopy and groovy dance song, based on samples of the classic rock tune, The Who’s “My Generation.”

Take Five by danb

Take Five is a cover of the Paul Desmond song, done capably with two acoustic guitars. It’s originally performed by The Dave Brubeck Quartet.

A Familiar Tune by uncleozzy

A Familiar Tune is a cheesy dance synth-based mashup. I caught the use of Pachelbel’s Canon and the Pet Shop Boys’ “Go West,” but I didn’t catch Puff the Magic Dragon and the Soviet national anthem by myself.

Like a Rolling Stone by BrnP84

Like a Rolling Stone is a very short cover of the Bob Dylan tune, with a fuzzy lofi guitar.

Wichita Lineman by bhnyc

Wichita Lineman is a sorta disco / electronica cover of the often-covered country / pop classic, originally written by Jimmy Webb for Glen Campbell.

I’m not too fond of the computerized vocals here, but I really love everything else about it.

Into the Night by speicus

Into the Night is a cheesy synthpop cover of “I Think We’re Alone Now,” originally done by Tommy James & the Shondells (1967) and covered by Tiffany (1987).

Secret Agent Man by uncleozzy

Secret Agent Man is a sorta surf punk cover of the Johnny Rivers classic.

King Of The Road by lothar

I love this song! King Of The Road is another punk, NSFW version of the frequently covered Roger Miller country song. This was posted by lothar as a reaction to hearing uncleozzy’s version, also featured here. In comparison, this one has more fun guitarwork and less pinched vocals.

King of the Road by uncleozzy

Happy Halloween! King of the Road is a lofi punk version of the frequently covered Roger Miller country song.