Monthly Archives: May 2012

Take Five by danb

Take Five is a cover of the Paul Desmond song, done capably with two acoustic guitars. It’s originally performed by The Dave Brubeck Quartet.

Oops… I Did It Again by COBRA!

Oops… I Did It Again is an entertaining punk cover of the Britney Spears tune.

Trust in You (Old Mix) by dunkadunc

Trust in You (Old Mix) is a shoegazer track – lots of echoing, fuzzy, and overamped guitars, with a synth melody. Play it loud!

Punch ‘Em In The Dick by mediocre

The release of the instant classic Punch ‘Em In The Dick was a momentous and historic occasion for Metafilter Music. It’s a NSFW hip-hop track, with a deceptively dumb sound and topic and funny lyrics – “scrotum? I damn near killed ’em!” It made it into the Mefi sideblog (a first for a Mefi Music song!), the Mefi podcast, & it was made into a ringtone.

If you haven’t heard it, give it a verse or two; it’s a really smart song for being so lowbrow.

As appropriate: Happy Memorial Day or Punch Monday in the dick, y’all!

Eleven by not_on_display

Eleven is a fun mix: it’s a cappella techno, featuring the heavily filtered voice of moderator jessamyn.

Overload by blinks

Overload is an instrumental piece with piano and strings, like the soundtrack for someone deducing what is really going on.

Candyland by platinum

Candyland is a “country rock power ballad,” which doesn’t fit my usual genres, but it’s catchy enough to stick in my head a bit, so here it is.

she’s sleeping by nicolin

she’s sleeping is a quiet and loopy song – just an acoustic guitar. It’s soothing.

A Familiar Tune by uncleozzy

A Familiar Tune is a cheesy dance synth-based mashup. I caught the use of Pachelbel’s Canon and the Pet Shop Boys’ “Go West,” but I didn’t catch Puff the Magic Dragon and the Soviet national anthem by myself.

slinky saturday by sleepy pete

slinky saturday is a soothing and instrumental ode to sunshine.

Too Late to Sleep by Karlos the Jackal

Too Late to Sleep is a dreamy track. It’s an alt-pop song, with a hypnotist,a filtered autoharp, a violin-uke, and a Stylophone.

Pacific Street by eyeballkid

Pacific Street is eyeballkid’s cover of a song from indie folk-rock band, Hem. It’s spare, just a guy and his guitar.

Whiskey Pearl by mediocre

Whiskey Pearl is a fun acoustic bluegrass tune, with the focus on intricate banjo work.

No Name #2 by oceanview

No Name #2 is sort of a lofi demo of an indie folk song. It has only oceanview’s voice and her guitar playing, and it’s quite lovely.

It’s the only song she’s posted to Mefi Music so far.

Planetarium Disco by The World Famous

Planetarium Disco is a happy bouncy techno track, with the synths I like, rolling along in a dense and noodly way.

This is The World Famous’ first appearance here! Many thanks!

Threnody by aldus_manutius

Threnody is an atmospheric & dreamy piece, mostly driven by one guitar with reverb.

Stillekes by elektrotechnicus

Stillekes is an experimental intrumental track, very minimalistic and loopy – a bit hypnotic, gradually shifting.

Then She Begins … by The Great Big Mulp

Then She Begins … is another short rock song, packing a lot in despite that – some unusual instruments appear, including an electric ukelele, a toy piano, a reed organ, and a trumpet.

Like a Rolling Stone by BrnP84

Like a Rolling Stone is a very short cover of the Bob Dylan tune, with a fuzzy lofi guitar.

Spooky Bitch by chillmost

Spooky Bitch is an instrumental and noodly synth tune. Kinda groovy.

Whispers by dobie

Whispers is a charming lofi folk song, about the aftermath of a nearby car accident, with onlookers and someone who gravitated toward the ready audience. It’s part of an unofficial Music challenge, recorded on a laptop’s built-in microphones.

casanova ruins by edlundart

casanova ruins is a melancholy indie rock tune about the absence of love, felt sharply.