Monthly Archives: August 2013

Uh Uh by cortex

Uh Uh is a dancy little pop rock song from cortex, part of an attempt to make an entire album in a month – which succeeded as Inchoatery. Another track or two may appear here.

Edit: Consider this a Saturday bonus track!

The World is Only Bad by bingwah

The World is Only Bad is an alt-country song that just has a great atmosphere, and a shuffling percussion.

Cherry Camp by baxter_ilion

Cherry Camp is a breezy folk song about a summer camp.

Captain Kidd by blue bar

Captain Kidd is a traditional folk song, based on a pirate or privateer, depending on the interpretation of the evidence. It’s a lovely song, with a fingerpicked acoustic guitar, alongside lyrics befitting a ballad for an executed man.

It’s blue bar’s first appearance here!

Killing All My Friends by Jon-A-Thon

Killing All My Friends is a slow murder ballad, then pop song / “James Bond soundtrack” – which helps defuse the lyrical oddity.

Red River Valley by IngeChiles

Red River Valley is a sweet old cowboy song, with nice harmonizing between IngeChiles and her sister, backed by a ukelele.

It’s IngeChiles’ first appearance here!

Laura Palmer’s Theme by evisceratordeath

Laura Palmer’s Theme is a doom metal cover of Angelo Badalamenti’s song from the “Twin Peaks” soundtrack.

Lady Ghostess Von Frost by gmm

Lady Ghostess Von Frost is an atmospheric, dancy song, with layers and builds. It’s uplifting.

It’s the last song gmm posted, and every single song he posted has been excellent.

Do the Reich thing by onehalfjunco

Do the Reich thing is a loopy electronic synth, with a number of loops drifting in and out of phase. It’s inspired by a Steve Reich piece. I find it relaxing and entrancing.

So We’ll Go No More A-Roving by ZsigE

So We’ll Go No More A-Roving is a folk song about the fading of love, with lyrics drawn from a Lord Byron poem. It’s still sweet and pretty. It’s ZsigE’s first appearance here!

My Favorite Sunbeam’s Gone Away by Karlos the Jackal

My Favorite Sunbeam’s Gone Away is a happy and bouncy song with morose lyrics, which Karlos the Jackal always does so well.

Time To Get Up by Corduroy

Time To Get Up is a beautiful and epic sort of acoustic indie pop song, with a great build, both sorta downbeat yet determined to keep going, with some cool harmonizing.

shallow song/airport fiction by multivalent

shallow song/airport fiction is really two songs – first folk, then folk rock, both with ukeleles and a guitar. I really like airport fiction, and I’m not sure if it’s because, or despite, the fact that it’s really lofi.

It’s multivalent’s first posted song!

Where Is My Mind by cortex

Where Is My Mind is a cool little garage rock cover of the Pixies tune, with a theremin wailing away and rockstar guitars.

Golden Mushroom by CarrotAdventure

Golden Mushroom is a mellow dance song, punctuated by samples from Mario Kart. It’s-a pretty good!

Broken, soundtrack for the future. by blinks

Broken, soundtrack for the future. is an instrumental electronica track, all tinkly piano. It builds with loops – some soothing strings, and a slow groove bassline, and the piano, and it’s soothing and hypnotic.

never coming back by dunkadunc

never coming back is a rocking electronic song. It would work well as a soundtrack to a racing game.

Energy by azarbayejani

Energy is a dreamy and minimal piece of electronica. It’s spacy and ambient. It has atmosphere and layers that drift out of sync with each other. It’s lovely!

Quantum Shift by Babblesort

Quantum Shift is a mellow and spacy bit of semi-ambient instrumental electronica.

Mr Brightside by andysouthrop

Mr Brightside is an acoustic-ish relatively twee indie pop cover of the indie rock song by The Killers.

This is andysouthrop’s only posted song, and his only comments are on the thread for the song.

Hamburgers by keithburgun

Hamburgers is a college rock lovesong about food.

Hero by uncleozzy

Hero is a drunken stream-of-consciousness shambles of a cover of the Enrique Iglesias song. I find this much more amusing than I should.

A Number Another Summer by The World Famous

A Number Another Summer has guitars with lots of reverb, and layers of synths, both throbbing and gently washing. The description calls out The Cure, Disintegration-era, but it stands well by itself.