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Meteors by CarrotAdventure

Meteors is a happy dancy synthpop song.

Listen to Your Heart by dacre

Listen to Your Heart is a clubby dance song, with pulsing synths, autotuned vocals, and a piano outdo. It’s like a muscular and relentless steamroller. It’s fun and ridiculous.

The original version, by Roxette, is a pop ballad. It’s really sedate by comparison.

one last breath by dacre

one last breath is a synthpop cover of a song by, uh, Creed (warning: Creed). This is a fun dancy electronica song.

Physical by naju

Physical is a dirge-like dance / noise cover of the Olivia Newton-John pop song. I like the subterranean baseline.

Uh Uh by cortex

Uh Uh is a dancy little pop rock song from cortex, part of an attempt to make an entire album in a month – which succeeded as Inchoatery. Another track or two may appear here.

Edit: Consider this a Saturday bonus track!

Lady Ghostess Von Frost by gmm

Lady Ghostess Von Frost is an atmospheric, dancy song, with layers and builds. It’s uplifting.

It’s the last song gmm posted, and every single song he posted has been excellent.

Golden Mushroom by CarrotAdventure

Golden Mushroom is a mellow dance song, punctuated by samples from Mario Kart. It’s-a pretty good!

Space Gait by cloeburner

Space Gait is a spacy and minimal electronic tune, layered with different rhythms, drifting into and out of sync.

Single Ladies Want Candy by davejay

Single Ladies Want Candy is a fun mashup of a couple of pop songs – “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé (2008) and new wave classic “I Want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow (1982), which I just found out is a cover of The Strangeloves (1965). It’s bouncy and fun!

Robot Bambi Finds His Mother by CarrotAdventure

Robot Bambi Finds His Mother is an upbeat instrumental dancy synthpop song, with layers of quickly trilling synths and relatively slower bits. I like the interplay between those layers.

Love of Luxury (Lake Heartbeat’s Lake Luxury Remix) by setanor

Love of Luxury (Lake Heartbeat’s Lake Luxury Remix) is a sexy dance song, with beautiful layers and textures. I love its atmosphere.

Whispers by Mz_Jai

Whispers is a goth-industrial / techno song – a dance song with lyrics that are not entirely safe for work.

This is Mz_Jai’s only song to date. Check her profile; her website’s a link to her band’s website, with more music there.

Everybody (Turn The Beat Up) by clcapps

Everybody (Turn The Beat Up) is an autotuned electropop song.

This Woman’s Work (remix) by CarrotAdventure

This Woman’s Work (remix) is a synthy dance remix of Kate Bush. It’s CarrotAdventure’s second Kate Bush remix here.

HoverBoardzzzz by CarrotAdventure

HoverBoardzzzz is cheerful videogame music – with guitar and noodly synths, it’s upbeat and instrumental electronica.

Barnyard Friends by CarrotAdventure

Barnyard Friends is upbeat and dancy instrumental electronica.

No More “I Love You’s” (Beautiful Unicorn Remix) by CarrotAdventure

No More “I Love You’s” (Beautiful Unicorn Remix) is a dance remix of the Annie Lennox song, with a nice bassline groove and fun rearranged lyrical samples.

Open by The World Famous

Open is a driving rock song, sort of a dance song with a guitar, in an unusual five-on-the-floor beat instead of the usual four-on-the-floor.

I am looking for a used car. by mintcake!

I am looking for a used car. is a dancy electronica song, with some unusual vocal samples drawn from a call-in line for the podcast around the tenth anniversary.

By way of limited explanation: Fred was looking for a used car, and that’s Faint of Butt reading Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky.”

Another Hour Away by clcapps

Another Hour Away is a kinda relentlessly musically upbeat synthpop dance song.

(Saturday Night And) Sunday Morning by MajorDundee

(Saturday Night And) Sunday Morning is an irreverent dancy Eurodisco remix of Sunday Morning, the Velvet Underground song.

Island Party by CarrotAdventure

Island Party is a happy and bouncy synthpop / chiptune track!

Excellent Unicorn by CarrotAdventure

Excellent Unicorn is a dancy synthpop song, with noodly synths on an arpeggiator.

Administrative Professionals’ Day by blapst

Administrative Professionals’ Day is, well, a hot dance jam for administrative professionals. It’s humorous and also decent dance music.

This is the only song blapst has posted, and they’ve been inactive for a couple of years now.

Bertie (Blissout Mix) by CarrotAdventure

Bertie (Blissout Mix) is a happy, blissed-out & loopy dance remix of a Kate Bush song.

Says Saturn by god particle

Says Saturn is an upbeat electro dance party kinda song. There’s a beat right out of a New Order song, too.

Flesh & Bone by saulgoodman

Flesh & Bone is jangly electropop – atmospheric, and very 80’s, in a fun and dancy way.

DanceDanceDanceDanceDance (Part I) by CarrotAdventure

DanceDanceDanceDanceDance (Part I) is happy bouncy synthpop, just impossibly quick-moving synths and there’s something about it that makes using punctuation like commas difficult because like I would have to mentally pause a beat and that just doesn’t fit this song like at all.

Create (original mix) by dunkadunc

Create (original mix) is a dancy, spacy, and droney bit of instrumental electronica.

Shut Up, Throw Up (Your Hands) by god particle

Shut Up, Throw Up (Your Hands) is just this catchy and fun techno/electro song, fuzzy synth, danciness and all.

vicodin casio by sleepy pete

vicodin casio is a meaty and eclectic smorgasbord of a song, experimental, dancy, and poppy. It’s mellow and noodly, with atmosphere and intricate layering of more instruments than the two-person cast of the Harvey Girls (previously) have any rights to just casually throw around like this, man.

There’s a Party in My Head by god particle

There’s a Party in My Head is a bouncy electropop tune – it’s got what I think is a ring modulator effect running on one layer, which makes it a somewhat fuzzy, somewhat harsh electronic aspect, but I’m at home here. It’s nearly entirely instrumental; there are some spoken samples midway through.

My Generation Remix by Me, The Snake

My Generation Remix is a loopy and groovy dance song, based on samples of the classic rock tune, The Who’s “My Generation.”

Aw Yeah (demo) by god particle

Aw Yeah (demo) is an electropop dance song, with crunchy synths. Very bouncy and aggressive!

Thunder by god particle

Thunder is an awesome loud & glitchy techno track. It’s a bit harsh and industrial, but it’s got a good beat.

Straphanger (H201E) by loquacious

Straphanger (H201E) is a techno track, featuring samples from San Francisco mass transit. Muni sounds good!

Fault Lines by chimaera

Fault Lines is a rolling, dance, electronica, and synthpoppy song.

Edit: Oops! I’ve been a little sick this week, & I forgot to post the mp3 to the blog for this and one other song. It’s fixed now!

Snow Girl by ratla

I think Snow Girl is a dance remix of a song from the Russian cartoon, Nu Pogodi. It’s cheesy & fun.

Here’s the original cartoon, with a translation.

Electro-wank by Evstar

Electro-wank sounds a lot like early New Order – the synths, the guitars, the drums. It’s instrumental, with filtered guitars and synths. It’s sort of dreamlike.

Thanks for the Add (demo) by frenetic

Thanks for the Add is a fun and catchy dance track, with the bass cranked, distorted and farty-sounding. This song’s around four years old, from when Myspace was the dominant social network, with around twice as many monthly users as that upstart Facebook.