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L’Etoile by malocchio

L’Etoile is a beautifully mellow and ethereal song, with non-verbal vocals.

for j by peterkins

for j is a quieter piece; it’s mainly a lap steel guitar, with delay and reverb. It’s meditative and atmospheric.

Lady Ghostess Von Frost by gmm

Lady Ghostess Von Frost is an atmospheric, dancy song, with layers and builds. It’s uplifting.

It’s the last song gmm posted, and every single song he posted has been excellent.

Energy by azarbayejani

Energy is a dreamy and minimal piece of electronica. It’s spacy and ambient. It has atmosphere and layers that drift out of sync with each other. It’s lovely!

Aether by googly

Aether is a lovely quiet shoegazer tune, with atmospheric guitars, and a somewhat hypnotic bassline.

Love of Luxury (Lake Heartbeat’s Lake Luxury Remix) by setanor

Love of Luxury (Lake Heartbeat’s Lake Luxury Remix) is a sexy dance song, with beautiful layers and textures. I love its atmosphere.

Looking at Things, Doing Stuff by dagosto

Looking at Things, Doing Stuff is a quiet poppy rock song, with a chill desert atmosphere to the guitar.

Pandora’s Music Box by Metafilter Orchestra / Karlos the Jackal

Pandora’s Music Box is mellow and atmospheric background music. It’s the result of a collaborative game of Exquisite Corpse amongst Mefi musicians. Each of twenty musicians would listen only to their immediate predecessor’s work, record a new part that meshes with the previous work, and then pass only their own part along to the next musician. It’s eclectic, with a music box, multiple guitars, jaw harp, and various other instruments.

It Came From Mexico by jhighmore

It Came From Mexico is a flamenco-flavored rock song. It has a definite atmosphere.

1237AM by azarbayejani

1237AM is a trippy overdubbed song, electronica with an interestingly skewed rhythm and a fuzzy and filtered guitar. It’s evocative of the soundtrack of psychedelic desert trips in movies.

Flesh & Bone by saulgoodman

Flesh & Bone is jangly electropop – atmospheric, and very 80’s, in a fun and dancy way.

The Gilded Cage by saulgoodman

It’s been a few months since we’ve seen saulgoodman & his band Tangemeenie here; they’re eclectic in style. The Gilded Cage is atmospheric, with lush guitars. It’s poppy, but melancholy.

Stone Mover by dobie

Stone Mover is a nice & melancholy bit of acoustic indie rock. It has a lovely, shifting atmosphere.

bond by 31d1

bond is atmospheric instrumental music – it’s good background music, with a slow build, but not too intrusive.

Life Through Veils by Devils Rancher

Life Through Veils is a 80’s/90’s atmospheric and psychedelic rock song. If you like this, you might also like their Shape Shifter.

Camaro Husk Part 2 by framedmistake

Camaro Husk Part 2 is an eclectic song – varying by turns, but I like the relaxing atmospheric bits. It works as soothing background for me.

If you like this, you might check out part 1, the only other song posted by framedmistake.

Ten Thousand Waves by ldandersen

Ten Thousand Waves is an atmospheric electronica song.

Burn The Bridges to the Shores by Quartermass

Burn The Bridges to the Shores is a new wave / electro call for drastic action. Make your move while there’s still time!