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Waltz #2 by chococat

Waltz #2 is a pretty if downbeat acoustic ballad, with lovely harmonizing.

It’s a cover of a Elliott Smith tune. The lyrics, and the biographical details behind them, are dark.

Laura Palmer’s Theme by evisceratordeath

Laura Palmer’s Theme is a doom metal cover of Angelo Badalamenti’s song from the “Twin Peaks” soundtrack.

Sleep in the temple by american caesar

Sleep in the temple is a sorta honkytonk cover of Prince’s “Thieves in the Temple.” I like the harmonica work here. This is american caesar’s first appearance on the podcast.

Supersonic (Remix) by darainwa

Supersonic (Remix) is a house remix of the 1999 Jamiroquai song, with lots of disco and bursts of horns and bits of acid house.

This is the only song darainwa’s posted.

Halcyon+off (fm campers remix) by Espoo2

Halcyon+off (fm campers remix) is a remix of the classic Orbital track “Halcyon + On + On” (also note: hey, Orbital’s on SoundCloud!). It’s kind of beautiful dreamy and spacy trance, and it knocks me out every time. And yes I’m probably biased because I love the original so much.

This is the first appearance of Orbital and of Espoo2 on the podcast.

No More “I Love You’s” (Beautiful Unicorn Remix) by CarrotAdventure

No More “I Love You’s” (Beautiful Unicorn Remix) is a dance remix of the Annie Lennox song, with a nice bassline groove and fun rearranged lyrical samples.

Sensitive Artist by askmeaboutLOOM

Sensitive Artist is spoken word, with some nice accompaniment – flutes, harmonizing backup singers, a keytar, and screaming. It’s a cover, originally by King Missile.

One More Time by Admira

One More Time is a classical guitar cover of Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” from 1998.

My Heart Will Give You Up by The White Hat

So I have some good news and some bad news. And then a bit more good news. Like a sandwich. Anyway.

The good news is, Celine Dion isn’t well-represented in My Heart Will Give You Up. Just in the intro.

The bad news is, Rick Astley is around.

There’s more good news. It’s well done, with The White Hat’s vocals and skills at banjo, guitar, and harmonica making what could be just a goofy song, sort of good and epic (although yes, still deeply silly). And, I don’t think there’s any more rickrolling on the horizon here, though I won’t make promises.

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by ford and the prefects

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is a poppier cover of the Neutral Milk Hotel song.

This is the first appearance here from ford and the prefects.

Dammit: Reprise by tmcw

Dammit: Reprise is tmcw’s second try at covering Blink 182’s song; his first take was also featured here. It’s a warm, friendly, and acoustic take.

Kait by onehalfjunco

Kait is a cover of the Ben Folds Five song “Kate.” I wouldn’t call it “sloppy” – I’d say it’s joyous and raucous and fun, and it’s particularly awesome because it was all played by one guy.

Are You Gonna Go My Way by mexican

Are You Gonna Go My Way is just an utterly ridiculous cover of Lenny Kravitz’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way.” It’s not respectful or as close as possible to the original, but I find it highly entertaining.

Happy Fourth of July, everybody!

A Familiar Tune by uncleozzy

A Familiar Tune is a cheesy dance synth-based mashup. I caught the use of Pachelbel’s Canon and the Pet Shop Boys’ “Go West,” but I didn’t catch Puff the Magic Dragon and the Soviet national anthem by myself.

Dammit by tmcw

Dammit is a nice acoustic take on a song by Blink 182, who I don’t usually like.

Sinaloan Milk Snake Song by escabeche

Sinaloan Milk Snake Song is a cover of a Mountain Goats song, with a different feel entirely – it’s faster, with more instrumentation than the original.

The Biggie Blues by ageispolis

The Biggie Blues is fun hip-hop, remixing Notorious B.I.G. with glitchy samples.

Out of Luck by litlnemo

Out of Luck is energetic, rowdy, garage, powerpop.