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Outta Here by unSane

Outta Here is an indie rock / garage rock kiss-off tune.

Seventeen Below by unSane

Seventeen Below is a pretty, wintry acoustic indie ballad.

This is unSane’s first appearance, and definitely not the last!

backseat nudist by es_de_bah

backseat nudist is a punk / indie rock song, with nice jangly guitars.

Teenage Wasteland by raisindebt

Teenage Wasteland is entertaining indie rock trash talk. It’s not a cover. It’s got an Ezra Pound quote and sample.

U by raisindebt

U is an indie rock lovesong for the letter “U.”

Today’s the second anniversary of the podcast! I’ll make a blogpost about it.

Give Up On Us by disillusioned

Give Up On Us is a somewhat folky, indie rock song. Energetic and upbeat music, with kiss-off lyrics.

Catastrophes by cortex

Catastrophes is folk rock – a cello and a piano backing some earnest and defiant singing by Brian Rozendal.

Shutterbug by ludwig_van

Shutterbug is a pop song about grabbing the all-too-ephemeral moment.

Beestung by The World Famous

Beestung is a really lovely indie rock song, with fun falsettos.

In Your Name by TheWaves

In Your Name is melancholy, slow-paced indie rock.

[Oops! I previewed but didn’t hit publish. Let’s call this the song for Monday & Tuesday.]

casanova ruins by edlundart

casanova ruins is a melancholy indie rock tune about the absence of love, felt sharply.

Stone Mover by dobie

Stone Mover is a nice & melancholy bit of acoustic indie rock. It has a lovely, shifting atmosphere.

The Stranger by dobie

The Stranger is slow-paced indie rock – a lofi demo.

In Piles/On File by 2or3whiskeysodas

In Piles/On File is a fun & bouncy sorta surf rock tune. It’s 2or3whiskeysodas’s only posted track to date.

February Third (album version) by ludwig_van

February Third (album version) is an indie rock / pop kiss-off song.

Summer’s Ending by ludwig_van

Summer’s Ending is wistful indie rock.

Face The Music (Tony Danza) by drezdn

Face The Music (Tony Danza) is a rock song that’s not really about Tony Danza. I think.

Want more Tony Danza?