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Nova Dolphin by CarrotAdventure

Nova Dolphin is happy synthpop, with a propulsive backbeat.

Meteors by CarrotAdventure

Meteors is a happy dancy synthpop song.

Airy by dunkadunc

Airy is an instrumental synthpop song, with cold and somewhat piercing synths.

HighSchoolSweethearts by CarrotAdventure

HighSchoolSweethearts is a happy bouncy synthpop song.

one last breath by dacre

one last breath is a synthpop cover of a song by, uh, Creed (warning: Creed). This is a fun dancy electronica song.

People Got to Be Free by chococat

People Got to Be Free is a Moog-based 80’s synthpop take on the 1960’s song by The Rascals, like that crossed with the krautrock of Kraftwerk’s “The Model.”

Minnesota Porn inspired remix by Greynaab

Minnesota Porn inspired remix is a bumpin’ trance song. It follows another electronica tune based on Astro Zombie’s “Minnesota Porn” (NSFW).

Alien Rocket Skateboard Cat by CarrotAdventure

Alien Rocket Skateboard Cat is some relentlessly upbeat synthpoppy electronica.

Alone by dunkadunc

Alone is an upbeat instrumental synthpop song, with a kinda clubfooted beat and keyboards with a flexible pitch – which is portamento, the word of the day!

Axel F cover sorta by Greynaab

Axel F cover sorta is more of a remix of the theme to Beverly Hills Cop, by Harold Faltermeyer, full of staccato keyboard playing. It’s an upbeat and bouncy synthpop song.

Les Mondes Englotuis by gmm

Les Mondes Englotuis is a cover of the theme to an 80’s cartoon, known in the States as “Spartakus And The Sun Beneath The Sea.” The cover is bouncy synthpop, with cheesy squeaky synths, arpeggios, and robots singing in French. It’s also largely chiptune-ish.

The intro’s on Youtube, in its original French (warning: it’s very French and very 80’s) and the English version.

Let Me Know by clcapps

Let Me Know is a sweet little synthpop lovesong.

Robot Bambi Finds His Mother by CarrotAdventure

Robot Bambi Finds His Mother is an upbeat instrumental dancy synthpop song, with layers of quickly trilling synths and relatively slower bits. I like the interplay between those layers.

Everybody (Turn The Beat Up) by clcapps

Everybody (Turn The Beat Up) is an autotuned electropop song.

FutureDance by CarrotAdventure

FutureDance is another track from CarrotAdventure, who does great bouncy synthpop / chiptunes. This one’s kinda Italo.

Let’s Kick It by CarrotAdventure

Let’s Kick It is an irrepressibly bouncy and happy chiptune / synthpop song.

Little Donut Party by uncleozzy

Little Donut Party is a happy bouncy goofy catchy short synthpop song.

Another Hour Away by clcapps

Another Hour Away is a kinda relentlessly musically upbeat synthpop dance song.

Snow Cone, Faux Cone, Bro Cone by CarrotAdventure

Snow Cone, Faux Cone, Bro Cone is a bouncy little chiptune – a synthpop tune with cheesy synths. It makes me happy!

Excellent Unicorn by CarrotAdventure

Excellent Unicorn is a dancy synthpop song, with noodly synths on an arpeggiator.

Chrome Shuriken Dragonfire by gmm

Chrome Shuriken Dragonfire reminds me of Royksopp, uplifting synthpop with noodly arpeggio synths. The lyrics are about 8-bit sprites, from old-school video games.

Distance of the Moon (Albedo Mix) by speicus

Distance of the Moon (Albedo Mix) is a head-bobbing synthpop song, with a great groove.

Settlers by jdnason

Settlers is a synthpop song that’s just dense and noodly with synths.

Model Home by frenetic

Model Home is a fun big dumb techno song from frenetic. It’s dancy synthpop.

The Score by clcapps

The Score is upbeat synthpop, with some extra autotune.

Graduation Song by txsebastien

Graduation Song is a happy synthpop song about finally graduating. It was posted in late December 2008, so it was much more timely when originally posted.

You’re Not The Only One by clcapps

You’re Not The Only One is an upbeat synthpop song, bubbling over with energy & momentum. So fun.

Beaches by johanze

Beaches is a warm and summery synthpop song.

DanceDanceDanceDanceDance (Part I) by CarrotAdventure

DanceDanceDanceDanceDance (Part I) is happy bouncy synthpop, just impossibly quick-moving synths and there’s something about it that makes using punctuation like commas difficult because like I would have to mentally pause a beat and that just doesn’t fit this song like at all.

Systems by god particle

Systems is an upbeat synthpop dance song for kicking off the weekend!

Spooky Bitch by chillmost

Spooky Bitch is an instrumental and noodly synth tune. Kinda groovy.

Into the Night by speicus

Into the Night is a cheesy synthpop cover of “I Think We’re Alone Now,” originally done by Tommy James & the Shondells (1967) and covered by Tiffany (1987).

Fault Lines by chimaera

Fault Lines is a rolling, dance, electronica, and synthpoppy song.

Edit: Oops! I’ve been a little sick this week, & I forgot to post the mp3 to the blog for this and one other song. It’s fixed now!

Electro-wank by Evstar

Electro-wank sounds a lot like early New Order – the synths, the guitars, the drums. It’s instrumental, with filtered guitars and synths. It’s sort of dreamlike.

Colonel Roger by chiefbluefeather

Colonel Roger (is a Soldier from the Future) is a catchy and campy synthpop song with a science fiction story. It’s also chiefbluefeather’s first posted song!

Thanks for the Add (demo) by frenetic

Thanks for the Add is a fun and catchy dance track, with the bass cranked, distorted and farty-sounding. This song’s around four years old, from when Myspace was the dominant social network, with around twice as many monthly users as that upstart Facebook.

All That’s Left by Quartermass

All That’s Left sounds like 80’s synthpop.

This song – post #1002 – is the first one posted in the four-digits.

Ascension Island by mykescipark

Ascension Island is a synthpop song about love and espionage.

Bookshelves And Mixtapes by clcapps

Bookshelves And Mixtapes is romantic synthpop.