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The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by NemesisVex

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face is an a cappella song, dubbed over and over again, including the drone background. It’s sort of eerie. It’s a cover of the song popularized by Roberta Flack, which is the best-known version – though it was first a folk song, by The Kingston Trio.

Sick day

I’m feeling under the weather, to say the least.

Wuthering Heights by MaiaMadness

Wuthering Heights is an acoustic version of the Kate Bush song. It’s sort of unplugged, and sparser than the original track.

Physical by naju

Physical is a dirge-like dance / noise cover of the Olivia Newton-John pop song. I like the subterranean baseline.

Africa (Dark Continent Mix) by ropeladder

Africa (Dark Continent Mix) is a noisy techno song, loopy and discordant, with (to quote the description) melodic lines and chord progressions from the song by Toto.

Minnesota Porn inspired remix by Greynaab

Minnesota Porn inspired remix is a bumpin’ trance song. It follows another electronica tune based on Astro Zombie’s “Minnesota Porn” (NSFW).

Seventeen Below by unSane

Seventeen Below is a pretty, wintry acoustic indie ballad.

This is unSane’s first appearance, and definitely not the last!

Dead Man’s Will by Corduroy

Trigger warning: Mortality.

Dead Man’s Will is a slow, pretty, and sad folk song, a cover of a Iron and Wine / Calexico tune, which has sorta depressing lyrics.

Memo To My Son by ORthey

Memo To My Son is ORthey’s second cover from Randy Newman’s 1972 album “Sail Away,” in his pre-Pixar-soundtrack days. It’s hilarious and sincere, with pretty music. Here’s the original version.

Syncopia by lord_yo

Syncopia is some nice instrumental electronica. It was called moody and dark in the thread, and I just know that it makes me space out for a couple of minutes whenever I listen to it.

minnesota pr0n by peterkins

minnesota pr0n is a cool electronic song, incorporating a banjo, a lap steel guitar, and double bass. So, bluegrass, electronica, and jazz. It’s … um … an upbeat instrumental song.

Fall In Silence by ORthey

Fall In Silence is a lovely laid-back folkish tune – acoustic, guitar and alto saxophone, and earnest singing.

Alien Rocket Skateboard Cat by CarrotAdventure

Alien Rocket Skateboard Cat is some relentlessly upbeat synthpoppy electronica.

Circles by chococat

Circles sounds like a 90’s alt-rock tune, with lofi fuzzy guitars and a singer who does sound a bit like TMBG, as peterkins pointed out.

The Same Four Chords by ZsigE

The Same Four Chords is a sweet song about the process of trying to write a lovesong. It’s indie pop, with harmonica and ukelele.

backseat nudist by es_de_bah

backseat nudist is a punk / indie rock song, with nice jangly guitars.

All Shook Up by flapjax at midnite

All Shook Up is a pleasantly off-kilter cover of the Elvis classic, with a swing, drone, and unusual instruments. See the Music page for an amusing video, in which flapjax is a cartoonish charmer.

Paulina by keithburgun

Paulina is a college rock tune, with an opening that sounds like Don Knotts as Orville Redenbacher, and lyrics including a superhero rat and Mouse Hitler.

At the Drive-In by frecklefaerie

At the Drive-In is a pretty, earnest, gender-bending, and acoustic take on Poison’s “Talk Dirty to Me.”

With the remixes and covers, I’ve gone back and added tags for the decades: 1930s (2 songs), 1940s (1), 1950s (2), 1960s (20), 1970s (13), 1980s (27), 1990s (17), and 2000s (23). There’s nothing under the 2010s yet, as we’re only five months into 2010 in the podcast.

Don’t Stop Kazooin’ by cortex

Don’t Stop Kazooin’ is a gleeful kazoo quartet cover of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.” I love cortex’s happily lofi covers, can you tell? Tomorrow will be different.

You Got It by cortex

You Got It is a raucous bluegrass Roy Orbison cover.

Kids by cortex

Kids is a lofi cover of a song by MGMT. It’s raucous and fun.

Jesus Buys Me Cigarettes by RokkitNite

Jesus Buys Me Cigarettes is a jaunty ukelele-backed tune about the teenaged hijinks of Jesus.