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Follow Alexandria by multivalent

Follow Alexandria is a cool and acoustic “indie folk” song, with guitar and ukelele. This band hails from Glasgow.

Cold Dip by Corduroy

Cold Dip is a cool folksy acoustic song, with harmonizing. I find it pleasantly relaxing.

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by unSane

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face is a more uptempo cover of the song popularized by Roberta Flack, recently covered here by NemesisVex. The uptempo is more like the real first version – like The Kingston Trio, or Mary Travers, of Peter, Paul and Mary. Although this is more uptempo, it’s still folk, with an acoustic guitar.

Dead Man’s Will by Corduroy

Trigger warning: Mortality.

Dead Man’s Will is a slow, pretty, and sad folk song, a cover of a Iron and Wine / Calexico tune, which has sorta depressing lyrics.

Fall In Silence by ORthey

Fall In Silence is a lovely laid-back folkish tune – acoustic, guitar and alto saxophone, and earnest singing.

Ode on an Irish Pub by uncleozzy

Ode on an Irish Pub is a medley of folk songs, done as boisterous drinking songs: “The Wild Rover,” “Black Velvet Band,” and “Molly Malone.”

The World is Only Bad by bingwah

The World is Only Bad is an alt-country song that just has a great atmosphere, and a shuffling percussion.

Cherry Camp by baxter_ilion

Cherry Camp is a breezy folk song about a summer camp.

So We’ll Go No More A-Roving by ZsigE

So We’ll Go No More A-Roving is a folk song about the fading of love, with lyrics drawn from a Lord Byron poem. It’s still sweet and pretty. It’s ZsigE’s first appearance here!

shallow song/airport fiction by multivalent

shallow song/airport fiction is really two songs – first folk, then folk rock, both with ukeleles and a guitar. I really like airport fiction, and I’m not sure if it’s because, or despite, the fact that it’s really lofi.

It’s multivalent’s first posted song!

Home (a sketch) by punkbitch

Home (a sketch) is a folk rock song. Lots of acoustic guitar strumming, and reaching for high notes.

This is punkbitch’s first appearance here!

The Bottom Falls Out of the Clouds (demoriffic version) by rangefinder 1.4

The Bottom Falls Out of the Clouds (demoriffic version) is an acoustic and folk cover of a song from cortex. It’s sort of pretty, and slow, not downbeat exactly, but enjoying a rainy day.

Kingsfold by nthdegx

Kingsfold is an electronic cover of an old folk song, which contributed the tune to a few hymns. This is a noodly and sorta relentless version.

River Rise by Grangousier

River Rise is a blues / folk song, a sad song about water.

All I Want Is You by Corduroy

All I Want Is You is a cover of the Barry Louis Polisar song, which popped up in the movie Juno. This is a pretty straightforward cover – it’s folksy, with a banjolele and acoustic guitar. It’s a cute song!

No Name #2 by oceanview

No Name #2 is sort of a lofi demo of an indie folk song. It has only oceanview’s voice and her guitar playing, and it’s quite lovely.

It’s the only song she’s posted to Mefi Music so far.

This Town by kingbenny

This Town is a moving and melancholy folk song.

Solace for King Benny? by freya_lamb

Solace for King Benny? is an uplifting & soothing response to the previous song here, kingbenny’s All My Hearts (Are Belong To You).

All My Hearts (Are Belong To You) by kingbenny

All My Hearts (Are Belong To You) is folk, or old-school laid-back country.

Lied by not_on_display

Lied is mournful folk rock. Those sustained notes are made by a guitar, using an ebow.

When I Was A Baby by notheydo

When I Was A Baby is a lovely & simple folk cover with fairly bizarre lyrics. It’s originally from The Donner Party, which has a calliope running beneath it, and The New Pornographers based an upbeat, cheerful rock song on it.

The Punisher by cyphill

The Punisher is not what it sounds like – it’s a mellow & wordless acoustic guitar track. Happy new year!

Or The Tide by tdismukes

Or The Tide is a somewhat folkish number from tdismukes’ band, Low-Tech Riff Raff.

It’s catchy, moderately paced, and I like the melodies and all the instruments.

Oh, Johanna by Slash_fan

Oh, Johanna is a mellow country/blues/folk song from Slash_fan.

More Songs About Oven Mitts by notheydo

More Songs About Oven Mitts is a laid-back lofi song about a robot made for killing, sadly turned into a chef.

Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out by cortex

Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out is a Great Depression-era folk song by Woody Guthrie.