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Shallow Pool by Jonesisdying

Shallow Pool is a light ambient track, with a sequencer, acoustic guitar, and a singing bowl – which sounds lovely and eerie.

Honesty by azarbayejani

Honesty is a minimalistic electronic track – semi-ambient, as it has rhythms, but it’s instrumental and relaxing. It’s good background music.

Outside #2 by azarbayejani

Outside #2 is a dancier remix of an ambient song. It’s very chill and relaxing. It’s based on “Do While” by Oval, a glitchy loopy track.

Aim by azarbayejani

Aim is a multi-layered ambient electronica piece, which I find soothing.

Abstract Placidity by acb

Abstract Placidity is a mellow minimal, nearly ambient electronica song. It’s spacy laid-back instrumental background music.

Edit: It’s acb’s first appearance here!

gallion’s reach by peterkins

gallion’s reach is a dreamy and sedate bit of ambient electronica.

Energy by azarbayejani

Energy is a dreamy and minimal piece of electronica. It’s spacy and ambient. It has atmosphere and layers that drift out of sync with each other. It’s lovely!

Quantum Shift by Babblesort

Quantum Shift is a mellow and spacy bit of semi-ambient instrumental electronica.

Maria…Lorianne… (part one) by fuq

Maria…Lorianne… (part one) is a spacy breakbeat and ambient song.

Friday by azarbayejani

Friday is a very chill, often ambient, tune from frequent guest azarbayejani. It feels like something winding down.

Sanbian by nthdegx

Sanbian is an ambient track, just extremely chill.

Slo by sloe

Slo is mostly an ambient, quiet track with guitars – but, it includes some shoegazer-ish guitars in the background.

This is the only song sloe has posted to Mefi Music.

Girl Cave by azarbayejani

Girl Cave is minimal electronica, slowly drifting about a bit – ambient, but with a rhythm; there’s a spoken word sample, but otherwise instrumental. It’s somewhat head-nodding.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

We’re Animals. by azarbayejani

We’re Animals. is a nearly-ambient, instrumental piece; it’s partially glitchy and then just pretty and mellow.

Where We Live by azarbayejani

Where We Live is some very chill electronica, very mellow and minimalistic, pretty and ambient. It’s the second track azarbayejani posted to Mefi Music, and the first one I’ve posted here, but it won’t be the last!

Chain Link Leather by DWRoelands

Chain Link Leather is very mellow, mostly ambient, and instrumental but for a couple of spoken samples.

This is the only song DWRoelands has posted on Metafilter Music to date.

Welcome Coma by naju

Welcome Coma is intrumental electronica, initially synth-based chiptune-like, shifting into ambient and noise. Recorded live!

Some Time To Myself by toekneebullard

Some Time To Myself is a chill, slow-moving ambient track. The repetition is sorta hypnotic & soothing.

Sleeper by doctor_negative

In response to the hectic holiday season, I offer Sleeper, an ambient piece. Happy holidays, everybody!

Fathom2 by doctor_negative

Fathom2 is a somewhat cold ambient song.

ICU by xmutex

ICU is ambient – it seemed nice and soothing for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

i xill coda i.o. brie#D4CC2 by jchgf

Yes, that’s really its unpronounceable name: i xill coda i.o. brie#D4CC2 is soothing, minimalist, spacy, and ambient.

Neuexperiment by jchgf

Neuexperiment is quiet, like a couple of music boxes playing in the background.

Flagging by jchgf

Flagging is a really quiet, spacy, and ambient song.

Aware by Electric Winter

Aware is a mellow electronica song from Electric Winter.

Edit: As a historical curiousity, I joined Metafilter the day this song was posted there.

Unknown by Electric Winter

Unknown (but not untitled) is an instrumental, uplifting, mellow, & happy electronica song. More music from Electric Winter is coming up shortly – on the podcast, if not on Music.

bp vs oscillator707 by Blazecock Pileon

bp vs oscillator707 is a lovely, short, & ambient lullaby.

A beginning and an end by xmutex

A beginning and an end is an ambient track with an ominous atmosphere.