Monthly Archives: December 2012

The Turducken Song by millipede

The Turducken Song is a ukelele-backed indie pop duet which is a filthy ode to Easter. And it’s NSFW. Really.

Bathe Your Children by doubtfulpalace

Bathe Your Children is a goofy cover of the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song, “Teach Your Children,” as a parody with nonsensical lyrics.

Insomnia sure makes weird things happen. To insomnia!

Catastrophes by cortex

Catastrophes is folk rock – a cello and a piano backing some earnest and defiant singing by Brian Rozendal.

I Said It All by chococat

I Said It All is a lovely bit of lofi garage rock, done for a Music Challenge – it uses only two chords.

There Is No by The World Famous

There Is No is a slow and spooky song that uses the EBow for atmosphere.

Merry Christmas!

Winter Morning by Admira

Winter Morning is a calming classical guitar song.

I Gave You Lots of Presents (But You Left Me In the Past) by Karlos the Jackal

I Gave You Lots of Presents (But You Left Me In the Past) is a happily morose song, with Autoharp and toy piano.

Today’s the day of Mayan apocalypse and Timewave Zero! See you in the next age!

Lullaby by Admira

Lullaby is a classical guitar song by Admira; it’s calming and slow.

In A Room by inoculatedcities

In A Room is a Britpop tune, a cover of The House of Love’s 1990 song. It’s got the shoegaze tag, but it lacks the overdriven guitar in the foreground with distorted effects that I associate with shoegazer. It’s more indie pop and alternative rock.

Mountains by azarbayejani

Mountains is another electronica track with trilling dronish synths, which remind me of Dan Deacon. It feels catchy and danceable to me – it’s happy and triumphant with a nice build.

I’ll just use “trilling” as the applicable tag.

Irish Waltz by Admira

Irish Waltz is another lovely classical guitar piece from Admira. It moves along quickly.

No Tomorrow by nanojath

No Tomorrow is experimental rock – it’s driven by noodly synths, which remind me of Dan Deacon. It’s got a noisy drone, but I like the progression. It’s nanojath’s first appearance on the podcast.

Portable Acid by nthdegx

Portable Acid is a bustling techno track with a noodly synth. I like how quick-moving it is.

Harpy Go Lurky by ORthey

Harpy Go Lurky is a light-hearted and quick-moving banjo and acoustic guitar song.

Wilson’s Hill by nthdegx

Wilson’s Hill is a long techno track, chiptunes with squealing synths noodling around fiercely. If I made a video for it, it would be a shoot-em-up game.

Together (You are not alone) by sputgop

Together (You are not alone) is a mellow, loopy, and uplifting electronica track, which samples “I Am Legend” in a slightly ironic way.

I Command You to Be My Woman by frenetic

I Command You to Be My Woman is a big dumb rock song. Fun and hilarious!

Radio by azarbayejani

Radio is a spacey electronica song, which then gets into gear with a tinkly and noodly synth.

Shutterbug by ludwig_van

Shutterbug is a pop song about grabbing the all-too-ephemeral moment.

The Score by clcapps

The Score is upbeat synthpop, with some extra autotune.

Over My Shoulder by saraswati

Over My Shoulder is a pretty and sad song, a woman singing over a piano about a love moving on.

If you’ve noticed a pattern among the recent songs, I know, and it’s not you. My guess is that winter 2009 wasn’t a happy one.