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Juicebox Hustler by god particle

Juicebox Hustler samples the vocals of Rick Ross’ Hustlin,’ and adds the backing of a happy poppy techno song.

I missed Hustlin’ the first time around, so I was more familiar with “Everyday I’m Shufflin’,” from the more popular LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem, which came out in December 2010, over a year after Juicebox Hustler.

APATHY//GOLD by god particle

APATHY//GOLD is a dense techno song. It’s somewhat harshly electronic, and it’s all noodly and trilling and throbbing.

Kim by god particle

Kim is a pretty epic and awesome big techno song.

I wonder if my ringtone is sampled here. Every time I listen to this song, I swear my phone is ringing. My apologies if this happens to you too.

Also, to mefites named Kim: *waves*

Says Saturn by god particle

Says Saturn is an upbeat electro dance party kinda song. There’s a beat right out of a New Order song, too.

For Great Justice by god particle

For Great Justice is abrasive techno, aggressive and glitchy. It’s harsh but also melodic. I like how all the instruments sound, but I’m partial to dirty fuzzy synths.

Criminal (TTP Remix) by god particle

Criminal (TTP Remix) is an industrial remix of the original song by The Roots. The original is jazzy hip-hop; this is a much more aggressive techno version, which matches the lyrics better.

Shut Up, Throw Up (Your Hands) by god particle

Shut Up, Throw Up (Your Hands) is just this catchy and fun techno/electro song, fuzzy synth, danciness and all.

You, The Automaton by god particle

You, The Automaton starts out mild-mannered and head-nodding electronica, but abruptly drops into fierce techno mode, with sounds like old-school science fiction rayguns.

Systems by god particle

Systems is an upbeat synthpop dance song for kicking off the weekend!

1988 by god particle

1988 is very 80’s synthpop, sort of contemplative and determined, I think. It’s named after the era it evokes, and the year god particle was born (!) .

There’s a Party in My Head by god particle

There’s a Party in My Head is a bouncy electropop tune – it’s got what I think is a ring modulator effect running on one layer, which makes it a somewhat fuzzy, somewhat harsh electronic aspect, but I’m at home here. It’s nearly entirely instrumental; there are some spoken samples midway through.

Aw Yeah (demo) by god particle

Aw Yeah (demo) is an electropop dance song, with crunchy synths. Very bouncy and aggressive!

They Glow by god particle

They Glow is a roaring if harshly electronic techno song.

Thunder by god particle

Thunder is an awesome loud & glitchy techno track. It’s a bit harsh and industrial, but it’s got a good beat.

Dub Dub by god particle

Dub Dub is an awesome techno song, quick-moving with glitch, squeaky synths, and farty bass.

Playing Games by god particle

Playing Games is a short but rocking little chiptune from frequent guest this month, god particle.

Joyride by god particle

Joyride is happy electronica, with a cheesy bouncy synth. (I like farty bassy synths.)

Toys by god particle

This week is mostly bouncy electronica. Let’s start with the upbeat Toys, from god particle, who’s re-appearing this week.

Flashbakk by god particle

Flashbakk is an intricate & awesome techno track, from god particle – it’s sort of his week here so far. Note, the first six seconds are noisy & not like the rest of the track.

Scrape the Sky by god particle

Scrape the Sky is a bumping techno track from god particle.

While the City Sleeps by god particle

While the City Sleeps is glorious techno, with fuzzy bass & a momentous, rolling beat.

The View From Space by god particle

It’s the first birthday (anniversary?) of this podcast!

The View From Space is some upbeat & happy instrumental electronica.