Monthly Archives: July 2012

Where We Live by azarbayejani

Where We Live is some very chill electronica, very mellow and minimalistic, pretty and ambient. It’s the second track azarbayejani posted to Mefi Music, and the first one I’ve posted here, but it won’t be the last!

You, The Automaton by god particle

You, The Automaton starts out mild-mannered and head-nodding electronica, but abruptly drops into fierce techno mode, with sounds like old-school science fiction rayguns.

Systems by god particle

Systems is an upbeat synthpop dance song for kicking off the weekend!

The Kingdom Must Come Down by bingwah

The Kingdom Must Come Down starts as folk-country, and shifts to something more layered, poppy, and sweeping.

Thirty-seven Seconds by davejay

Thirty-seven Seconds is a funny, short, and quick-and-dirty song about writing a short and quick-and-dirty song. It was too funny, meta, and cute to resist posting!

Apfel Augen by Corduroy

Apfel Augen isn’t instrumental, but it is wordless, and I don’t understand how an acoustic guitar and a banjolele can sound this epic and majestic, it really makes no sense at all.

Seriously. A banjolele.

The Shape of Water by allaboutgeorge

The Shape of Water is a really minimal song – for the most part, singing and an acoustic guitar. It’s mellow and pretty.

last night a werewolf fell in love with me (silver lipstick remix) by February28

last night a werewolf fell in love with me (silver lipstick remix) is a slightly livelier remix of a power pop song about supernatural romance.

Edit: Whoops. I published this, but I didn’t attach the song. Fixed!

Trust (v2) by tmcw

Trust (v2) makes me just space out in a wonderful way. It’s delicate and pensive, and I love its slow build and all its layers.

Purepechazz by micayetoca

Purepechazz is a mellow jazz piece, revolving around an acoustic guitar, mostly wordless and then not in English.

In Your Name by TheWaves

In Your Name is melancholy, slow-paced indie rock.

[Oops! I previewed but didn’t hit publish. Let’s call this the song for Monday & Tuesday.]

Chain Link Leather by DWRoelands

Chain Link Leather is very mellow, mostly ambient, and instrumental but for a couple of spoken samples.

This is the only song DWRoelands has posted on Metafilter Music to date.

Orbital Eccentricities by Sir Mildred Pierce

Orbital Eccentricities is a mellow instrumental song from recent guest Sir Mildred Pierce.

Fortune’s Lament by tehloki

Fortune’s Lament is some low-key electronica, instrumental background music.

Wow. It’s been a few months since I last posted music from then-frequent-guest (maybe too frequent) tehloki. We’re nearing the end of his Mefi Music output to date. And the time delay on this podcast – a bit under four years, right now – makes for some interesting verb tenses. Perhaps he’ll release more music by the time the podcast catches up? I hope so.

Reckoner (Sparkletone Bmore Slow Dance Remix) by sparkletone

Reckoner (Sparkletone Bmore Slow Dance Remix) is a simpler, slower, and prettier remix of a Radiohead song.

1988 by god particle

1988 is very 80’s synthpop, sort of contemplative and determined, I think. It’s named after the era it evokes, and the year god particle was born (!) .

There’s a Party in My Head by god particle

There’s a Party in My Head is a bouncy electropop tune – it’s got what I think is a ring modulator effect running on one layer, which makes it a somewhat fuzzy, somewhat harsh electronic aspect, but I’m at home here. It’s nearly entirely instrumental; there are some spoken samples midway through.

monster by sleepy pete

monster is an awesome charming smorgasbord of a pop song; it has an acoustic guitar, mainly in the first minute; a drum machine kicking in, adding layers that make it much more satisfying; and lyrics that made me pause.

Are You Gonna Go My Way by mexican

Are You Gonna Go My Way is just an utterly ridiculous cover of Lenny Kravitz’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way.” It’s not respectful or as close as possible to the original, but I find it highly entertaining.

Happy Fourth of July, everybody!

My Generation Remix by Me, The Snake

My Generation Remix is a loopy and groovy dance song, based on samples of the classic rock tune, The Who’s “My Generation.”

Wish You Were Here by backseatpilot

Wish You Were Here is a stripped-down, entirely acoustic cover of the Pink Floyd song. I think it’s cool that this was the first recording backseatpilot ever made, after a year of guitar practice.