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parkway by peterkins

parkway is a chilled-out, very mellow, instrumental piece of trip-hop.

gravity by kimyo

gravity is some laidback woman-fronted trip-hop. It’s from frequent guests kimyo and his band Hot Bitch Arsenal, who last showed up here a year ago.

Last Saturday was Metafilter Music’s seventh birthday! Yay! *blows a party horn, throws confetti in the air*

Case Study #3 by davejay

Case Study #3 is a loopy trip-hop song based on samples from a 1960’s LSD PSA from Lockheed, which had lush instrumentation and trippy oil projection visuals and a really delightful story about LSD and hot dogs and a musical sting befitting a True Tale of Hot Dog Murder!

I fell into kind of a drug PSA hole researching this and the thread linked from the song.

the siren of titan by kimyo

the siren of titan is an instrumental electronica piece, with atmospheric electric guitars sailing around. It’s spacy and upbeat.

Out of Gas by Sir Mildred Pierce

Out of Gas is a really lovely song, soulful and trip-hop. I really love this!

Confession by sputgop

Confession is a chill trip-hop beat, just the instrumental background.

chinese dragon by kimyo

chinese dragon is some nice, chill trip-hop, from (once again) kimyo and Hot Bitch Arsenal.

We’ve passed Mefi Music’s second birthday, by the way. And wow, this blog won’t run out of music any time soon.

everything is byte size by kimyo

everything is byte size is another awesome & smooth trip-hop track from kimyo & his band Hot Bitch Arsenal.

Happy leap year!

hyperion by kimyo

hyperion is some more lush & chilled out trip-hop from regulars kimyo & his band, Hot Bitch Arsenal.

badge of hope by kimyo

badge of hope is more lovely and bassy trip-hop from kimyo & his band, frequent guests Hot Bitch Arsenal.

Edit, 2012-12-06 – Whoops, I forgot the mp3. Fixed!

wheels come off (lucid mix) by kimyo

wheels come off (lucid mix) is more solid trip-hop from frequent guests Hot Bitch Arsenal. This Music Challenge involved spooky and Tom Waits.

right on said jeebus by kimyo

right on said jeebus is smooth trip-hop, and another entry for the “superhero” Music Challenge.

Resh Day Lo by sleepy pete

Resh Day Lo is a nifty & layered trip-hop song from The Harvey Girls, the genre-hopping band of sleepy pete & melissa may.

sippin’ on some severus by kimyo

sippin’ on some severus is sultry & geeky trip-hop.

unhiphop [ar 2] by C.Batt

unhiphop [ar 2] is electronica, with layers of chill and noodling synths, head-bobbing percussion, & glitch.

sailing on right by by kimyo

sailing on right by is dreamy, lush trip-hop, with lovely layers.